It's called a Holiday Hangover for a reason....

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cause it feels a little like someone did this to me. 
And don't even try to tell me you are not feeling it at least a little bit. I'm not referring to the alcohol variety of hangover either, but that certainly counts.  And hats off to ya if ya got one of those cause I don't really think Christmas is even one of the big drinking holidays loser. No, I'm talking  about the complete let down and lack of motivation to physically do anything that starts to set in shortly after the paper is ripped off the last gift. Since I have kids my perspective may be a little different but it goes something like this. After my kids are done opening their gifts on Christmas morning I crack a bottle of champs and mix up a batch of Mimosa's. Cause I'm done done done. 

 I started this tradition when I was married because I knew I needed to start getting my serious buzz on in preparation for spending a day with the in-laws. That and I was usually on my 3rd hour of sleep when the kids forced me to get up and open presents cause my ex never did a damn thing to help me on Christmas Eve. So I needed the bubbly to keep me happy. Now It signifies the end of all of my hard work, the celebration of the happy faces in front of me and the beginning of my time to relax. And relax she did. All day yesterday. I managed a shower around 4:00 and then a nap. Kids were gone to Dad's and it was heaven. I love em' to death but the 5 days preceding Christmas just might be the most exhausting of the year for this Mom. So Cheers... it's over. Refill please. 

So to all of you that are home curled up on your couches, I am so jealous. I would kill to be you right now but alas I must work. And this about sums up how successful I think my day will be. Cause she looks like she's got her  shit together... but No, No she does not. 

And that would be me today. Love ya long time. I will try to get my party pants off and back on the wagon tomorrow. No guarantees though:) 

Hope everyone has a fab day after!

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