Weekend Shenanigans From Charlotte!

Monday, December 9, 2013

No More Road trips... for awhile... I am done, done, done cause...

Jesus, Mary-Kate & Ashley what a fun weekend! I kicked it off with a white elephant  party in the hood that we ladies have every year. We always try to bring a funny gift, not something that anyone would really want but maybe funny enough to steal.  Here is what I came up with this year... and a few of my hood rats:)

Uptown (they don't call it downtown) Charlotte is really pretty and hoppin on a football weekend... especially when the ACC Championships and the Noles roll in! It's only a 3.5 hr. drive from Atlanta so we were in town and checked into our hotel, drinking by 2:00 p.m. I road tripped with a  sorority sister/old friend and it was like old times... emphasis on the word old cause when we got to Whiskey River (the bar) that's how I felt. However, we ended up sharing a table with some girls 20 years younger than us and I am pretty sure we out drank them, so apparently we can still hang. Or we can afford more drinks, not sure which! Then it was on to the game for some Seminole football and a nice end to the regular season with a victory over Duke to clinch the conference title.  Here are some of the highlights... 

Charlotte at night was really beautiful... thankfully I was forced to hoof it back to the hotel rather than take a cab or I would have missed getting these pics so Thanks Margie. My feet still hurt though.

At the new fountain park in the center of the city and the skyline on a cloudy night...

It was a great game. Love the players taking a knee ans saying a prayer before the game. The huge flag was very moving. There were super fans and funny shirts. And I got thru metal detectors with a flask full of fireball in my bra. Don't even ask me how... I have no clue. Last but not least we won!!! So on to the National Championships on Jan. 6 against Auburn! Can't wait!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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