It's National Pie Day

Thursday, January 23, 2014

MMMMMM...... Pie......

And I mean come on... who doesn't like pie?  I love it and as a matter of fact I recently changed my POF profile first date idea to read "coffee and pie". Because I think it would be good, easy first date to meet at Waffle House for coffee and a slice. But nooooooo.... some douchebag apparently doesn't think so because somehow my profile got deleted today.  Can you believe that shit??

So I am wondering who reported me and for what? Maybe it was the guy with the beard who looked like Burle Ives with tiny little hands like the Burger King guy.

He sent me his picture and I never responded again cause it freaked me out. Sorry dude. Little hands are a deal breaker. 

Or maybe it was the guy who said "let's roll in the hay just to see if we are compatible". Cause he's still there. Or maybe it was the guy whose screen name is ClitAddict69 and offered to be "at my service" or how about the guy whose aka is RamRodRawsilk... maybe it's him, he liked my mouth and I told him thanks but no thanks. I am irritated. Mostly because I follow the rules online and there are tons of  dickwhistles out there who blatantly don't but whatever. 

In other news I did meet another nice guy who seems to have real, as in real life potential. The funny thing is we met online but we live in the same school district and we have already figured out that our kids know each other. How weird is that?? I'm kind of excited about this one. He's ex-Army, which I love . Slim chance an 12 year Army Ranger is going to be a lazy self indulgent giant pussy. So needless to say I am looking forward to getting to know him better. What do you guys think? Who has experience with a military guy? What do I need to know?

And it really is National Pie Day 2014 see...

I'm guessing a woman was in charge of this ad campaign because Josh Brolin with his hands in a peach pie does not make me think about putting a slice of pie in my mouth... just sayin. 


  1. um, little hands and feet were a huge deal breaker for me too. i found out my friend had the same shoe size as me (he's a short little guy) and i laughed so hard and offered my heels when he couldn't find his shoes. he was not please to say the least.

    you know what they say about guy with small hands......

    Vodka and Soda