Let's Talk About Waxing ....

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

...Brazilian waxing to be exact. Cause I don't feel like talking about anything serious this week. Now you might argue that waxing the bizness is some serious business.  The kind that evokes terror in the hearts of women folk and unspeakable delight in the minds of men. And if you don't believe me about the men part I have proof. On the dating site OkCupid they ask users to answer questions in an effort to help match them up scientifically. Now, there are thousands of questions and you can answer any and as many or as few as you want. The one question that I have seen about 99.9% of men answer the same way is "How do you like your partner to keep their pubic hair"  and they pretty much all answer "completely shaved". I swear to God! This doesn't really surprise anyone does it? Doesn't surprise me at all cause we are not in 1985 if ya know what I mean.
 For God's sake if they were ok with being photographed with a satin camel toe what else were they ok with  down there??? Yeah... they liked it a little wild back in the day.

But I don't. I have been Brazilian waxing for about 4 years now and I have to say I LOVE IT. I have converted a few of my friends and scarred a few others for life. But, like most things I think everyone should try it once. We groom everything else, why would we neglect the sacred V and let it go hell in a bushbasket? You shouldn't, so let me de-bunk some common fears for you...


Ok, this one is not a myth, shit actually hurts but not for long and it gets better the more you go. Truth... the more you rip it out the less and less grows back. And if you have a good esthetician she will be quick and keep the torturous strips to a minimum.


If you've had kids just think of how many people have had their hands and heads up in your business during that shit show. This is nothing compared to that. Trust me, when I first started going it completely freaked me out that they waxed the back too. I was like "aww hell naw" when she said flip over and spread em. Her response was "I see 18 of these a day, it's no big deal". And then I thought well, when you put it that way. And if you haven't had kids yet then you should be waxing and vajazzling those nether regions cause I can promise you they will never look better.


Well porn stars definitely do it... and what's your point? Not anything everything porn stars do is bad... and men are very visual so you will be rewarded for your efforts. Have some fun with it. Look at all the cool things you can do with your Betty.
I myself go playboy every time. But I don't like any hair anywhere and I figure go big or go home. Now if you live in the Atlanta area... one stop shopping at Brazilian Wax by Andreia... seriously they are the best in town. And if you don't live here do your research and make sure you find a reputable place... and a nice pretty one too.

Cause I don't know about you but if I'm about to spread my legs for a stranger I want to be waiting on a leather couch under a crystal chandelier. I just feel better.
 And they also offer the Vajazzle....

Just in case you thought you'd seen everything.

Any questions?


  1. I've gotten a Brazilian a few times and lord have mercy that shit fucking KILLS! I even tried to give myself one once... that hurt even worse. The hair was gone but so was half of my skin and in its place were fucking scabs. That shit isn't sexy.

  2. i am lucky in that i'm a hairy bitch every where else except down there. i have a natural bermuda triangle so i just need to trim the bush once in a while with lady scissors. no shaving or beaver waxing for me. i did get my legs waxed once and goddamn, i can't even imagine having to do that to your cooter. i also heard that they even do your asshole. is that true?!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I think I enjoyed this post more than anything you have ever written. LOL Me and my Elvis sideburns need to do a Brazillan at least once! OMG. I am laughing so hard at the "postage stamp" one. HAHAHA

  4. Melt the wax in a professional wax warmer on low heat until just liquefied. Alternatively, if you use Bombshell Wax or another wax packaged in a polypropylene container, heat the wax in the microwave in 1-2 minute increments until just liquefied. Do not overheat. Keep in mind that waxes vary in how fast they