It's FRIDAY!!!!! Vavoom Shabang

Friday, February 21, 2014

I don't know what the hell happened this week. I feel like I blinked and it's over. And I didn't drink at all... hmmmmmm

So to re-cap I am giving up dating for awhile, except tomorrow night my army guy friend wants to meet me and our combined 6  kids for dinner ... wait what??? His idea I'm just along for the ride. And then we are selling cookies together in front of Wal-Mart on Sunday. (Our girls are in Brownies together) But that's not really a date is it? No.  He's weird and I don't understand him or any other man for that matter.

Here's a good extended family member came half way out of the closet on FB this week. And by half way I mean like goes both ways. Who comes out on FB??? The family is in an uproar saying he got hacked. He didn't get hacked. He's still posting stuff, he's just gay. What's the big deal?
I don't think men are really bi... just my opinion.

My ex husband tried to do something nice for me this week by fixing a window that had a softball size hole in it thanks to a stray snowball. I now have a window with no glass in it covered with a piece of plywood on the front of my house like I live in the ghet-to. Thanks a lot.  You suck, as usual. 

And it wouldn't be Friday without #backtahtazzup and Whitney.  My fave Miranda Lambert and her new tune...
Be good bitches and don't do anything I wouldn't do, which doesn't leave much actually.

Love you long time!


  1. If I needed to come out I would totally do it on Facebook, what fun to make everyone talk and speculate about it.

  2. Everything goes on facebook now a days. Surprised folks dont let us know when they take a shit or not. lmao