Monday Can Suck it...

Monday, February 17, 2014

And by that I mean my left tit. I already woke up late, the coffee pot overflowed in my office and King Crazy called. He was being incredibly nice too so some shit is definitely going on.

I am just not feeling it today folks. I have a sore throat and I want to be in my warm comfy bed. I hate Mondays especially Mondays after Losertine's weekend. The funny thing about that is very few of my couple-y friends even did much of anything. So what the hell am I feeling so bad about? I got 2 perfectly nice text messages wishing me Happy V-Day. Yeah I know... I pick the guys who go all the fuck out huh?!?!

In other news I picked up a shit ton of Girl Scout Cookies this weekend. Yes it is that time again. And true to form I have already polished off one entire box of Tagalongs all by my little old fat self. Ugh. 

But they were good and now I am done with cookies. Not eating anymore. I swear.  My fat pants are tight, I'm not even kidding. I need a fast way to drop some lbs. and kick my ass into gear so it's time to start running again. Cause we all know running murders fat... it just does. My original soldier boy who I have mentioned here before has been home for a couple of months and he left for Iraq on Saturday:( Womp womp. On the plus side this stint is only 2 months so he will be back around the end of April. I think this is the perfect short term goal period for me. Springtime is highly motivating as is the thought of getting nekked or in a swim suit. Yuck....

I also made the most perfect grilled cheese ever this weekend. It was sooo good that it is definitely blog worthy. If you don't have a Le Crueset grill pan with a panini press you must get one. It makes the most perfect grilled sandwiches you have ever put in yo mouth.  I know this is a lot for a pan but I have a thing for enameled cast iron cookware. It's heavy, not-stick and comes in array of colors. I have several pieces in Flame (bright orange with red)

I am an addict. I grill errrthing. My kids especially love grilled bagels. I know it sounds weird but slap some butter on it, throw it in the pan face down ass bagel up, press it and vavoom shabang... grilled to perfection just like this samich right here... and it's not burnt it's just the oozy processed cheese food slices seeping out. 

My Losertine's Day Dinner...

Doesn't that just scream "Eat Me"?

What did you do for V-Day? And keep it clean... or don't if it's really good:)


  1. i think we're going to bite the bullet and get a panini press because we love them! it totally changes your sandwich from a regular one to a mouthgasmic one.

    i hope your day gets better :(

    Vodka and Soda

  2. That grilled cheese looks awesome! Way better than anything I can make!

  3. We shouldn't have even had to work today- nobody else did!

  4. omggggggggg... that grilled cheese!!!!!!!! That just may be the best looking grilled cheese I've ever laid my eyes on, actually

  5. valentine's day is dumb. i've decided--not as dumb as mondays. but grilled cheese, that is the shit!

  6. I need that pan....hold please while I add it to my registry and pray someone buys it for me. Grilled cheese and soup does it get any better than that???