Effing Donuts, Liquid Meals & Spring Forward

Friday, March 7, 2014

Someone in my office has just a hint of evil in her. And by evil I mean donuts. All the freaking time. Like this. I mean I like the girl but really???? And she complains about her weight just like the rest of us! I want to put my face in the box and I have never said that before....

But I did not cave because today when I was standing in my closet getting ready for casual Friday at work I thought I would try an alternative to my super stretchy skinny jeans. Some boyfriend jeans that I haven't worn all winter because well...  they don't have as much spandex in them as the skinnies. And we all know how jeans with no spandex feel on the old muffin top.... not good. So here is what I had for breakfast...

A big old scoop mixed with delicious icy cold water.... yumm.
I'd rather have a donut but I would also rather have more than one pair of real pants that my ass will fit into. Pretty soon it's going to be too warm in GA for yoga pants all the live long day. Cause around here we go from snow to 85 degrees like over night. Did I mention I hate hot weather? And pants?  I do. Ugh.

I have been in a foul mood as of late largely because of my current money troubles. It really makes me want to walk around and say things like this to random people....

I am sorry. And I'm hangry... so I can fit into muh pants again. This would also be good for someone special who is annoying the piss out of me right now.

And possibly the insult of all insults....

Whew I feel a little better now. 

Does anyone else hate Spring forward as much as I do? I feel like I'm a night person so the more dark hours in the day the better for me. I hate that we are losing an hour of precious sleep on Saturday. I hate that my kids will not want to go to bed cause they still see a hint of daylight in the sky. Most of all I hate the pressure more hours of daylight puts on me. In the dark of winter it is assepatable to hibernate in your home in the evening and on the weekends and binge watch your shows. In the spring and summer society expects us to actually go out. Which requires pants. I'm not on board.

Soooo let's just move along to the #backthatazzup part of the show.  And since I really have no desire for anything sweet to come out of my mouth today let's just keep it up shall we?

  Talk Dirty (Feat. 2 Chainz) by Va - on Grooveshark

Hope ya'll have a fanfuckingtastic weekend:)

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  1. I like when it's light out from 7 to 7. Putting the kids to bed when it's light it a pain in the ass!
    Christina @

  2. i'm the opposite: morning person here. and we black out kayla's windows (black out drapes). works like a charm!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  3. Sometimes I am in such a foul mood I feel better for the first victim that gets in my way....damn those donuts girl....I can't stop thinking about them now!

  4. I always get a tad confused with the time change. i forget if it's gonna get darker later or earlier or what. i stay up all night anyways so it wont matter. and those donuts look yummy. if the chick complains about her weight all the time. maybe she should stop these days of having donuts every day. I mean, duh....

  5. I say buy some pretty dresses and screw pants all together, maxi dresses are like yoga pants without the pants part!

  6. I actually can't wait for the spring forward. I hate getting out of work while its so dark out.

  7. Bahahah! Wouldn't it be awesome if you really could say those things out loud to people?!?!