Fun Things For Friday

Friday, March 28, 2014

Soooo look what I learned how to do!!!! I am so proud of myself. I got a copy of Photoshop Elements from a work pal and I am learning how to use it. It was painfully slow at first but once I found a super easy tutorial online I was Gone With the Wind fabulous. 

Well sort of. I got tired and decided not to continue to curse the add text function any longer and give up on the numbering and words. All it would give me was a flat line... no text. MoFo. I wanted to add some links too but again... RAGE it didn't work...  and old lady needs some sleep. I'll get better at cleaning this shit up and make it look purdier soon I promise. 

So let me run around this little collage/mood board /Etsy wishlist of mine. Lets take it clockwise from the top with me Purple And Gold Antlers because antlers are cool and if you live in the south you need some. My hunting guy pals will not appreciate these but I do. And mine is the only opinion that matters. Moving on... I collect teacups, fancy girly teacups. I also drink barrels full of wine. Perhaps I should try Wine in a Teacup? Sure, why not! Ear cuffs are kinda hot and I like anything with a bow on it. A beautiful vintage gold bar cart similar to this is something I would like to have in my next home. Because it will likely be roughly the size of a shoebox... a shoebox with a fabulous bar cart. A Britney Work Bitch coffee mug. I just need one. A summer flask. I think you should have seasonal  and occasion appropriate containers in which to hide your alcohol. An Octopus flask just screams summer and begs to be filled with grapefruit vodka. Dontcha think? A glittery Chevron Burlap Envelope Clutch because I am really loving the whole clutch thing that has been going on for awhile. Plus it forces me to give my arm a break and ditch my ginormo tote bags once in awhile. And last but not least the cute little I Am le Tired print. Cause I am but  it makes me happy to look at pretty things on my walls. 

Please do not judge me too harshly on my pitiful Photoshop Skills. But that was fun!

Now... let's get our #backthatazzup on with my hummus guzzling gal pal, Miss Whitney. And if you don't know this song yet get out from under that rock and dance your pants off with me to Betty Who!

Betty Who - Somebody Loves You by Betty Who on Grooveshark

Happy Weekend!


  1. listen up: the fact that you're teaching yourself is an awesome thing in itself. i'm a self-taught PSer and my skills aren't the best but this is a blog, not a magazine! keep up the practice and you'll get better each time!! way to go :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. You're doing better than I am, I have no photoshop skills. Hell I don't even own photoshop, all the stuff I do is in Picmonkey, Polyvore, and Canva.

  3. Rock on sister! Love your fun wish list and I'm rocking out to your song as I type this . . . sounds like a must add to my Spring Break play list. Have a great weekend!

  4. Yeah for learning photoshop!! Honestly I have it as well and I swear that shit takes me song long to do....halfway through I'm like F it....I'm just going to screen shot some stuff and put it on there. I need to take a class but sometimes watching youtube videos for the specific thing I am trying to do are helpful. Where is the link to that clutch I love it!

  5. Hey girl, you're learning! Photoshop is a HUGE program to learn and omg can it be frustrating. I've almost thrown out my laptop in a giant rage several times. A Work Bitch mug and seasonal flasks are all must-haves on my list! Happy Friday!!! :)

  6. I hate photo shop, it's very counter intuitive to me. I've taken classes on it and use it for work.