Five For Spring Break

Friday, April 4, 2014

Even though I didn't actually go anywhere, and I am working, I have been on Spring Break all week. My 3 amazing kiddoes have been with their Dad since last Friday leaving me all by my lonesome. And apparently that means Amy reverts back to that girl of days gone by who goes out alot during the week and partakes in way too many alcoholic libations. Dranks folks... draaaaannnks. And gelato, fancy cheese, fruit and pita chips for dinner errrrrday. I could get used to this! So here is my 5 for spring break week...

1.  It is April 4th and I had to turn on my A/C yesterday... ugh 82... really????  Did I mention I hate heat? Sweating in my bathroom while trying to get ready to go out last night sealed the deal. The air is on!

2.  I am taking my kids on a little field trip tomorrow. We are huge Walking Dead fans, yes the kids love it too. The show is filmed here in GA all over the southern part of the state but bits and pieces in Atlanta. So tomorrow we are heading to Terminus! Its actually an old train depot near Turner Field downtown but apparently you can walk around and see where this was actually filmed. Should be exciting!

3. Post field trip we are going to make a pit stop at Antico Pizza Napoletana for the hands down,  best pizza in Atlanta. NOM NOM NOM

4. I ordered a cute new bag from Etsy and I am really hoping it comes today cause I want to carry it all weekend long. I love all things camo and I am a little obsessed with cute clutches.

Camo Statement Clutch

5. And my final thought for the week, then end of my spring break sans kids...

And since it is spring break across the land we should #backthatazzup with Whit to something with a message...
 Cheers Ladies & Gentlemans...

 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg


  1. I definitely don't feel bad for you about the heat. I'd kill for some beautiful days!

  2. what? you're going to Terminus?! LOL so awesome.
    and i wish it were hot enough to turn on the air! it's still chillly :(

    Vodka and Soda

  3. The sea breeze keeps us cooler here so it was barely 70 yesterday but still in the 80's inland. I can't wait until I can at least get a 75. :)

  4. You see that 41-degree marker up in Chi-town? Yeah...that's where I'm at and I'd cry tears of happiness if I had to turn on the AC right now haha. But I'm sure I'll be bitching about the hot weather about two weeks after that sweaty armpit weather! Your field trip with the kids sounds amazing though!!! Can I come? Haha

  5. I need a dog so I can get that wine glass. I also need that pizza in my life.....I'm currently eating those damn M&Ms though so one indulgence at a time right? Hope you have a great weekend girl! xoxo

  6. That pizza... good LAWD get in muh bellay!
    I have the doorwall open right now getting a nice little breeze... feels so damn GOOD!