One man's trash is actually... crap....

Monday, April 28, 2014

So this is how my garage sale weekend started out. I had a grand plan to price all my crap to sell this weekend. So on the way home from work I picked up the requisite stickers and boxed wine for my bestie and I to get the job done and ready for the big sale on Sat. Cause they said that if you have prices on everything people will be more likely to buy it right? Wrong. And guess what? I don't really want to sell my shit for a quarter or 75 cents. So... grand plan number 2... everything's a dollar at my garage sale cause everything I have is at least worth that little much right? Wrong again Batman. I didn't even sell a fraction of what I had out there but I did sell some big ticket items and I got rid of some  serious garbage some of which was mine and some my exes... oh hellz yeah I did. I donated quite  a bit to some youth home at the end of the day Saturday and took a big haul to Goodwill today. It feels really good to just get rid of stuff. I have a long way to go but I am getting there. 

I sold a foosball table, a broken go cart, a rusted out refrigerator dolly, a nasty old white couch, a few cookbooks, some kid clothes, a few toys, shoes, a toy horse barn random dishes and kitchen stuff. It was really weird to me what people were looking for. I don't get it. I got to sneak in a little adult time too with some friends listening to a good band on Saturday night, my reward for garage sale hell all day on Saturday.

Here is my big takeaway from this weekend. If you can, have an annual garage sale. My neighborhood has them twice a year and if I had been doing this for the last 13 years I've lived here I wouldn't have all the crap I have now. But... lesson learned. I was busy living life and having babies and acquiring unGodly amounts of shee-aht along the way. Never again. 

My other takeaway is if you are the poorest person living way beyond their means in ur neighborhood people might not want your crap... when your neighbor is selling Louis Vuitton bags at her garage sale. I shit you not. Get the fuck outta here. 

So with the garage sale booty we got some fish (we bartered a rope hammock for a fish tank)....

Sidebar....Did you know you can get a pet rat and train it? Huh.... da fuq? Who has a trained pet rat? Who writes a book on this shit? Can you train your pet rat to solve a Rubik's Cube? I way digress...

Some snacks at QT, and a really nice family dinner at Carrabas. And that was the kid's choice cause we NEVER eat out anywhere even remotely pricey anymore. I mean never. And it was pretty damn good. The kids really enjoyed every bite and the time we spent together! 

Happy Monday Everybody!


  1. my husband LOVES garage sales; he can spend all day looking at stuff but he knows not to bring home any crap. i've only bought a few things from them like a picnic table for kayla - who needs to spend $50 on that when i got one for $2?? with garage sales, it's all hit and miss however, i think if a neighborhood does a collective one, you have a better chance of selling shizz.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. My sister and I have gone to those neighborhood garage sales... they're the shit! So much nicer when you can just walk from place to place rather than driving all over looking for something.

  3. I have zero patience for selling shit. I would rather donate it. I will go to them though, and peruse. I like walking around.

  4. I plan to have a yard sale once the summer gets here. and I would no buy a rat to drain. yuck.