Friday Favorites

Friday, May 2, 2014

Here we are again and it's Friday! Time to talk favorites, and we can always find lots of those to talk about. Right? 
Meet At The Barre

Gypsy Sisters

Ya'll are gonna think I am TV obsessed but I am gonna start with another one of my favorite train wreck TV shows. Is there some fatal flaw in me that I just can't get enough of the worst TV shows out there right now? For example TLC's Gypsy Sisters... see below L to R....Annie, Kayla, Nettie, Mellie, Joanne and Sheena. These girls cuss, fist fight, have the worst hair, terrible grammar, heinous clothing, fancy trailers and big trucks. If you're like me you will sit and watch with your mouth hanging open in disbelief that it's real but it is. Gypsies in West Virginia. Who knew?

My New Flask

I got a new flask last weekend from a friend of mine. He felt bad for me almost getting busted at the ACC Championship game going thru the metal detectors with a metal flask in the side of my bra. Somehow I made it thru which made me wonder what else was smuggled in that night. Now I love the classic, old school look of a nice metal flask but take a look at this...

 How did I not know about this? Ok, maybe it's really for water or sport drinks or some healthy shit but they sell em in a liquor store in Auburn, AL and that's where mine came from sooo ... it's a flask. And it's by Vapur and I think they should send me one in every color so I can match all my.... tennis outfits.... yeahhhhh. And it's going to be a lot more comfy in by bra.

My "Sip Happens" Party Tonight

I am having a group of girlfriends over tonight for a Sip Happens Party. We haven't all gotten together in awhile so invited them all over with these instructions:

"Bring a bottle of wine with the most AMAZING LABEL you can find (because that's how I pick wine) and we will crack them open and share! 

Bring any thing you like that goes with wine... your fave cheese, meats, fruits, olives, bread,  nuts, crackers, jams, jellies... we'll just make a big platter of goodness!"

We get to hang out and drink wine and no one really has to do all that much!
Winner winner wine for dinner.

The Kentucky Derby

I just love this little pork chop:)


I feel sorry for this kid cause she's kinda shitting her pants cause she know she gonna get beat for this one. 

Americans can eat some boooofaaaay!!

I personally love this one.


Enterprising individuals...

It's like she never saw anyone puking in a parking lot before?!?!? Calm your tits lady.

And last but not least....I love old people, there so effing cute!

Have a wonderful weekend Hookers!


  1. Those flasks are the best. You can sneak them into concert/sporting events/etc so much easier than normal metal flasks. haha

    Those gifs are awesome!

  2. Bahahaha those pics are awesome!!!!!

  3. Ooo I remember those sisters from the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding show I will have to set my DVR!

  4. sounds like a great weekend and the gifs are great. you find great ones too just like I do. I love em.

  5. There is nothing wrong with liking TV, especially guilty pleasure TV.


  6. Ha! Those gifs...
    I freaking love Gypsy Sisters, a lot. I watch it for the horrible grammar and irrational behaviors.

  7. Your gifs . . . they crack me up every time. The more irreverent, the better!! :-)

  8. hahahhaha that lady running away from the puker and falling down!!!! falling down people make me laugh the hardest.

    Vodka and Soda

  9. Wait is that show for real? I just stared at that picture for like 5 is a train wreck! I must find this show! Those gifs are hilarious! I watched them way too many times then I should admit hahahaha. Thanks so much for linking up girl! Sorry I wasn't here earlier "work" got in the way today boooooo. Have a fabulous weekend!!! xoxo

  10. Have fun at your Sip Happens party!!!!
    I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued by the gypsies! hahah