Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oh lawd it's only Wednesday. How can that be? I am starting to get very used to seeing Ryan's face all over my feed once a week so let's get to it shall we? 
Umm noooo I don't think so. 
First up, I am still attempting to fly the friendly skies with Captain Awesome only his schedule is completely insane and apparently Delta makes their pilots fly all over God's freaking creation. I don't know how I missed that bit when we started talking but it is true... which is really bumming me out. Again the Universe gives me something good and then wham!!!

I confess I may not have been paying super close attention to the content of what he was saying because he sent me pics of his pretty face and I was momentarily all....

I have actually gone out twice already this week and yes, it's only the third day of said week. I am also going out tomorrow night. And I have a date on Sat. (not with the captain... boo) Apparently I am in high demand. and burning up the Tinder. I like saying "the Tinder".

I joined a fitness challenge for 30 days starting on  May 19th and I have to share pics with the coach. Share pics in a sports bra and shorts or a bathing suit with the coach... wearing it is one thing but sharing it is on a whole nother level .

Is there a full moon this week? I don't know what the deal is but I have been Mrs. Pissed Pistofferson all fucking week. Like people on the road are making me nucking futs with road rage and if I could borrow one of my friends guns... yeah.... I'd fee so much better.


And why can't people effing merge??? Has it really come to this? Because I let people in, but your ass won't let me in???  Well then. 

And then there is there are the  fucktards that act like they are 12 in my office. 

Ok... enough bitching for one day:)  

Ryan button

I confess... I just need to get me some stress relief!!! Delta... you've been warned.

Peace out yo, 


  1. OMG those gifs with dude and guns warding off assholes - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! i wish i could do that!!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. So the full moon is tonight and I too have been wanting to bitch slap all the people, ALL OF THEM. I'm glad it might be a full moon thing, I was thinking didn't I just have PMS last week or something.

  3. Hey Amy!! Oh my gosh love the last GIF lol!! And people really need to be more curtious on the road. My b/f has crazy road rage and I always have to ream him in when someone does something crazy which is 98% of the time. Good Luck with your guy friend too! ;) XO


  4. Sharing photos in a bathing suit? Ha! You couldn't pay me to show my body like that- it isn't pretty!

  5. I only let people merge if they don't wait until the last minute. Otherwise they can suck a dick.

  6. I'm sorry but fucktards is honestly one of the best words in the world. Don't even get me started on my road rage and yeah for hot pilots!!!!!!!

  7. That Ryan Reynolds GIF is hilarious. This pilot must be awesome. Hope you can meet up soon! But not like you're eating ice cream on the couch watching a sappy movie, girl is in hot demand! Drivers, I'll never get sick of them!