Friday Faves & a lil Back That Azz Up....

Friday, June 20, 2014

Here we are again friends and lovers of Friday!!! I can't decide if this week went slow or fast, it was somewhere in the middle and relatively uneventful for me. But uneventful is never bad in my book. So let's get to what my favorites are this week. It's going to be kinda random again cause ya know... that's pretty much my style over here.

First up... the new Pure Barre studio opened 2 miles from my house yesterday and I am signing up for the 5 week deal today... $99.00 unlimited classes. I think I will love it, cause I am all about lifting, toning and burning my old cougar ass. I kinda had to put this one first because well, duh... our hostess with the mostess Amanda.

I feel like I have left you guys hanging on the online dating front for a hot minute with some funny profile pics. So in honor of some bathroom selfie talk around here this week I thought I would turn you on to a few other selfie trends... the "dirty messy bed" selfie, the "let me stick my tongue in yo face" selfie and the "now you don't see me" blurry selfie. Oh and last but not least the "just all sorts of wrong" selfie. The more you know.... ding dong diiiing!!!!

And I think I am going to make a big batch of Hop, Skip and Go Naked very soon... beer punch. This about sums that up. It's summer time. Just get on my level will ya?

And I found a plethora of funny gifs for y'all today so enough is enough... let's do this...

Who else absolutely loved Rick Astley??? I like this version better...

I used to go to a Pilates studio that had trampoline classes and I always thought the girls in those classes looked stupid. Apparently so did someone else...

I have done a lot of air travel with kids and I always feel like a pack mule and just ready to give up... much like this guy. 

Sometimes I wonder why women folk congregate in the ladies room.... and this is what I think as I am walkin out the door...

And it wouldn't be a Friday Favorites without chicks falling down... heels on ice??? She deserved that.

And in honor of the world cup... best bitch slap and award winning post slap reaction.

And it's so funny how we humans freak out over smaller creatures bahahaha...

I can see the police coming to try and figure out what caused this chick to go flying thru a window... robbery, fire, held up at gunpoint? Nope, she tripped.

I love nerds, work with them all day and their sense of humor is really fucking stupid... like this.

And yes, I am one of those mean Mom's that sometimes laughs when her kids do something klutzy and get hurt. It's funny I swear... look. And you know this kid is pissed because she just got in trouble, and then she's like fuck you Mom, just don't even look at me!!!

Sometimes I think maybe i should skip a Friday Favorites cause there can't be anymore funny gifs out there ....

And I predict this song is going to be white hot this summer. If not I plan to just walk around saying "I Luh Ya Papi" a lot. Either way, J Lo is my woman crush, and we are the same age... damn. I swear ladies, women just get better as we get happier and more comfortable in our own skin. Look at her!!!!


So #backthatazzup to some J Lo with me .

Have an amazing weekend hookers!


  1. omg your gifs are the best. all of them. kayla was screwing around in the public bathroom when i told her not to otherwise she'd fall and touch all the grossness around us and what did she do? yep, screwed around, bashed her face into the door and fell over. i laughed my ass off..she was SO PISSED hahahahaha!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Hahaha OMG the penguin!! I watched it over & over and died each time. I have a post coming up on the annoying things guys do when it comes to online dating that guarantee and automatic next, I cannot believe I left out them sticking their tongues out! What is that?! I may have to steal your selfie thing & do a post about "why in the world would you post that picture"

  3. Those gifts are too funny especially the Rick Astley one. I have had terrible luck with online dating. Thanks for the laugh this morning. Happy Friday.

    Best, Mree

  4. I love the gif with the kid running into the wall; I mean what kind of mom doesn't laugh at their kids when they do something like that hahaha! And JLo, wow....I would love to have a body like that!

  5. OMG all of your gifs make me die laughing at work and then my boss thinks I'm a weirdo lmao

  6. I'm seriously dying at these gifs! Thanks for the Friday funnies!!

  7. Your gifs were crazy good!! Like I dont even know where to begin...but yay for Barre - the new client special is amazing!! You're going to love it!! The soccer gif - they are more dramatic than basketball players haha

  8. Your gifs are the best!! Got love the bitch slap one! People falling and walking into walls always makes me laugh, can't help it! Ugh with the dating pics, why can't they be normal!!!

  9. LMFAO the kid running into the wall I just watched repeatedly and now have tears streaming down my face!

  10. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so freaking excited for you to try Barre! I would recommend go like 15-20 mins earlier so you can get familiar with the studio oh and read this post ;-)

    Your gifs are the best. Not going to lie it's so hard not to laugh at my sisters kids when they throw a fit and then fall....does that make me a bad auntie?

  11. I love your Friday gifs, keep em coming! Love the girl crashing through the bar window. But all of them made me laugh out loud.

  12. Hey Amy!! OMG I LOVE these GIFS!! They seriously made my day!! lolol!!! That Barbie one is too darn funny!! And oh em gee, those men look super creepy lol. P.S Great minds think a like!! Iv'e been totally rocking out to JLO this week and I personally think she is the bomb. She looks better and better with age I swear!! I have her up too today lol!! Have an amazing weekend Amy and talk soon!! ;D XO


  13. Amy! I dont know where you have been all my life but we have to be friends! I wont take no for an answer! "lifting, toning and burning my old cougar ass" Quote of the day! I just cracked up! Hahaha! Have a fabulous weekend!

  14. The 'hop skip and go naked' tub is the best!!! love it! Also that gif with the kid... I would laugh too.. I would be that mum too. haha

  15. i am almost embarrassed to admit how many times i watched that girl on the ice fall earlier this week

  16. Damn, Jennifer Lopez is such a hot piece of ass, I swear!!!
    I'm excited to hear what you think about the barre classes. I've been meaning to try one out but I'm so damn lazy! haha

  17. OH my God! the penguin and the soccer slap! soo good!! Love it. Can't wait to hear how you like your barre class, I think you'll be jumping on board with the rest of us barre addicts. It's like crack!

  18. I've been watching to try barre classes- you'll have to let us know how you do!

  19. oh my god, those selfies. dying.

  20. The little girl ramming her face into the wall reminds me of myself when I was young. I use to miss the corner all the time!