Friday Faves

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday is upon us once again and I for one am excited about having a good week and an even better weekend. I don't really feel like I need to recap it all for ya but let's just talk some favorites and funny stuff.... my award winning gifs... you know you are dying to start scrolling. Just wait...

First up ... favorite piece of advice... given while sipping Pink Panty Pull-downs waist deep in the pool last weekend:
"Just take a break and focus on you for a change"

So this week I did just that. And it was glorious. The advice was sort of given generally but also specifically about the whole dating/not dating thing. All my free evenings this week were scheduled barre classes, tennis or home with kids. I didn't go out at all and I didn't feel bad for saying no. I really, really wonder if I am just not a relationship person lol... I really like me time:)

I got an offer to try this wonderful little subscription box for healthy snacks from ... Love with Food. This will be my first in the food category.  I am excited! Even better it is healthy and organic and with every box you buy a meal is donated to a hungry child in the U.S.  I love companies that give back to children right here at home. I am also excited to be able to offer a little promo to you guys if you want to try it too.

Sign up now at to get a first month free trial AND contribute to DOUBLE the meals donated for the month of July! 

Snack Smart. Do Good. Discover new, organic or all-natural snacks, delivered to your door for $10/month. Learn more…

And favorite jam of the week is "Good One Comin On" by Blackberry Smoke cause I am going to see them here at Lake Lanier on Saturday so pray it doesn't rain. Amy doesn't do outdoor biker music festivals on the lake in the rain... 

And because it's late on Thursday and I am tired lets get along to my favorite funny stuff of the week...

I just don't get the big hubbub over the world cup. They don't even tackle each other or wear tight pants.

NFL player would keep on truckin...

When someone who doesn't pay my phone bill asks me "who you texting?"


If you could hear what the pompous ass driving was saying....

Hmmmm who can I send this too.... thinking thinking... it's a done deal. Must share.

Oh to weigh like 30 pounds again... I believe I could fly.... watch the sippy cup.

Work it, work it!!!! Wait...Where are her pants??? Doh!

And who keeps putting stairs in pageants and fashion shows??? This is a recipe for disaster. She recovers nicely on one shoe though. Don't cha think?

Happy Friday y'all now go link yourself up with the fabulous Amanda!!


  1. Love this girl. Esp the text thing. I can't stand that. Esp when my dad asks who you talking to when he doens't even pay my phone bill and all. So why should it matter?

  2. LOL I can't even handle these gifs. Where are her pants?!? LOL and why the heck are there stairs in pageants and I swear it always looks like the put baby oil on the floors.

  3. The texting one; I can totally relate. That is so damn annoying. And Ole girl needs some pants, stat.

  4. Listen that girl is working that shirt no pants look and then.....stop dying. Oh and that pageant girl.....story of my life but seriously she just kept on walking I'm impressed. Hehehehehe oh boys I have a feeling that is not the first time they did that flying trick. Thanks for linking up! Any fun weekend plans??? xoxo


    girl i laughed SO FUCKING HARD the guy on the other side of the cubicle asked me if i was ok HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  6. haha I love the world cup. And there is enough tackling in it! Did you see the bite this week? Crazy! All your gifs have me rolling! have a great weekend!

  7. I'm dying over your pics!! That baby flying, I watched it over and over and laughed harder each time!

  8. I did the Love With Food box once and was definitely a fan!

  9. That Love with Food box looks delish. Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday!

  10. That poor baby LMAO I feel bad for laughing. not really.

  11. i had so much to say but that last gif.... i just keep on giggling. i love that she keeps walking when its attached to her foot. haha. lol i dig the world cup, the guys are so much more fit than the NFL players! have a great weekend ;) more 'me' time!

  12. FLYING BABY!! That gif is freaking fabulous.

    Soccer players try to pretend their sport is as rugged as american football yet they act like pansies like basketball players. I just can't.

  13. I dont know what it is about people falling but I love it - gets me every time!! Also - the one with the kid flying is hilarious - my husband and I have actually done that and it's so fun!!

  14. OMG! Bwahahahahaha! The girl falling! STFU! I love your GIFs! Thank you for that laugh! Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Omg that girl falling I totally lost my shit. Hilarious! And that advice is seriously the best. I definitely need to remind myself to take some "me" time out otherwise I just go nuts with my busy schedule.

  16. You have a really interesting blog! Loved it! :)

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  17. OMG these are some of the best gifs I've ever seen, ever, ever, ever. Thank you. haha
    Kallie - But First, Coffee

  18. Hahaha just keep on going with the shoe.. she should've tried to kick that thing off, but I'm not blaming her.