Nom, Nom, Nom Re-Cap

Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm still tired but I got it all done and I actually don't think I forgot a thing which was pretty remarkable. Everything turned out great and my eaters seemed to love the food so that's really the best compliment ever. 

I came home from work on Friday and drank wine while I cooked straight thru till about 1:30 a.m. Up at 7:00 on Saturday, ran to the grocery for fresh fruit and ice for the tennis match, packed up the food for tennis and delivered it at 9:00. Back to the house to finish for the grad party cooking with a break to go back to the tennis courts and pick up dishes and coolers at 1:30. Pack the truck with the food for party number 2 and head to Steph's (my friend the hostess) house to set up for her party at 3:00. She had her oven hot and ready for me to warm things as we set about getting her table looking exactly the way she wanted it. It was an open house from 3 to 8 and by about 6:00 we had put out round two, replenished everything and I saw my opportunity to sneak out before collapsing in the dip. She knew I wasn't going to stay for the whole party so I didn't just bail. I stayed longer than I planned actually because all of my friends were there too... handing me beers. I swear to God y'all my feet felt like they did when I was 9 mos pregnant... tired and really sore from being on them for so many hours straight. Top all that off by the fact that it was hot as balls in Atlanta on Saturday and I was about as tired as one legged man in an ass kicking contest. That's tired as fuck....

I got home, cleaned up my kitchen which wasn't too bad because I'm a "clean as you go" kind of cook and loaded up the dog for a field trip to the liquor store. Because duh... when you are wore slap out you need a little bit more wine/vodka or something. There some promo girl tricked me into buying a bottle of Absolut to get a free T-shirt, which I promptly came home and cut up to my liking... BOOM... new pajama/workout gear.

I got the most glorious shower of my life to wash the smell of 2 days of food and sweat off of me and collapsed on my couch with wine and dog. Heaven.

So I think most of the things were hits and maybe even some new favorite recipes like... 3 Ingredient Lemon Crumble Bars. Omg these were so easy and so delicious. I really don't think I will ever make them from scratch again!

And of course one of my most requested and loved party foods... Bacon Wrapped Lil Smokies! You cannot go wrong with this one... ever!!!

I don't really even have a recipe for this but I'll try...
1 package cocktail smokies (I use beef)
1 lb. bacon cut into thirds
Brown Sugar
(I usually triple the recipe)

Wrap each smokie in 1/3 strip of bacon and secure with a toothpick. Lay them all in a baking pan covered with aluminum foil. I like a higher sided pan so you can stir them up and not spill the grease while they are cooking. Cover them with a generous amount of brown sugar, like they are almost completely covered in a blanket of sugar. Bake in a 375 to 400 degree oven for roughly 45 min, stirring occasionally so that they brown on all sides. When they are a beautiful caramelized color and the bacon looks done remove from pan, transfer to a serving platter and get out of the way. 

Here is another one that was a really big hit and surprise surprise it also has bacon in it... I call it Crack Dip. Found this one in the newsletter I get from my power company every month of all places. The combo of sweet, savory,  salty and heat is amazing. It seems like a weird mix but it is delicious. I served it with Fritos Scoops because it's like super fattening anyway so why not. 

It was a balls to the wall busy weekend for me. I love cooking and it could be a good little side business for me but dang it is exhausting. I need to sit down and crunch the numbers but I think I made money... I hope. I paid some bills that I didn't think I was going to be able to pay so... that's good. As for the rest... we will just have to see what happens but this weekend was a success! Thank you all for your words of support and encouragement, it was awesome to have a cheering section! Here's a look at a few more things I created this weekend...


  1. Whoa . . . I am so impressed with all these amazing foods and you making a go of a side business. Makes me think of how Paula Deen started . . . you could be famous one day!!! And high five for getting it all done . . . I know how much work it is to prepare all that stuff!!

  2. Those lemon crumble bars look SO GOOD! I'm glad your event went so well!!!! :D

  3. All that food! Maybe it could be more than a side business and you could be your own boss, hell maybe someday I'll be buying Crazy Wise pots and pans!

  4. yay for free tshirt! and um stop it with the food, it is making me drool. glad it went so well!

  5. mmmm! i want to eat everything in this picture!

  6. Ummmmmmm I just had lunch and now I'm hungry again ;-)

  7. The lemon crumble bars- I must make them asap!