Be The Ball

Thursday, August 7, 2014

There's a force in the universe that makes things happen; all you have to do is get in touch with it. Stop thinking...let things happen...and be...the ball.

So one of my favorite movies of all time is Caddyshack. I am old so if you have never seen it, I forgive you but please, find it and see it. There are many classic lines from this movie all of which I can recite I assure you, but this is one of my favorites and a good reminder for me and maybe all of us. I am not overly spiritual or new age or anything like that. I am pretty pragmatic about most things but I do think that weird things happen to me more than most people. And by weird I mean odd like in a coincidental kind of way. One of my friends says I conjure things up... like talk about someone and they call or text... and it happens to me all the time (i.e. last weekend w/ the Pilot). Without really thinking too hard at all. I swear it really does. And a lot of times I don't even admit it because it gets old to keep saying it and it sounds contrived. Like "Zomg I was just thinking about you I swear!!!!"

I have not figured out how to make this happen with money. I am constantly thinking about it and it never just shows up unexpectedly. I think maybe because I focus on the fact that I don't have it, and then I continue not having it. If you believe in that sort of thing. In tennis for example, when playing doubles it is often a strategy to pick on the weaker of the opposing players. So if you are playing Mary and Sue and Sue is weaker you should think... don't hit to Mary, don't hit to Mary, don't hit to Mary... right? Wrong. I promise you will hit everything to Mary because all you are thinking about is Mary. All your focus is on Mary instead of Sue, the weaker player. Be the ball. Get it? I swear, it really works this way.

So what is my point? I am way over thinking everything lately and it is causing me undue stress, anxiety, headaches, sleeplessness, poor food/alcohol choices. Let's take that one since I talked about food yesterday. We all know without thinking what we should be eating to stay on track. Really. When you look at any food do you really even need to think "is this clean"? Duh. No, those double stuff Oreos are not clean even if you do run 5 miles tonight. So why do I even spend anytime thinking about it? All I need to do is be... "I'm eating clean, I'm eating clean, I'm eating clean" as opposed to "I would love some Oreos" or "I really want some pizza" cause I promise you when I think a lot about how badly I am craving pizza after a few days I'm getting that pizza, one way or another. I will think that shit right into reality. Does that make sense?

This is just a bit of a rant for me personally. I know what I need to do I just don't know why i get off track so easily. Some times it helps me to write it all down here. So in honor of the new month, the new school year, the next season... whatever you want to choose I am going to get back to just letting things happen. I do much better that way. Despite all of the shit I have been thru...

I am still here making it for the most part. Stress is really a killer and it doesn't solve anything. Time for me to drop back and ... be the ball. I'll let the universe take care of the rest.

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  1. oh honey! sounds like you need a destressing relaxing vacation or something. overthinking / analysing doesn't help but we cant help it sometimes, can we :(

  2. First of all, I love Caddyshack.

    Secondly, one of my favorite quotes is from Ordinary People by Judith Guest...."Don't think so much. Just be." When I work myself into a frenzy of any sort, I just remember that and try to drop all the balls I'm forcing into the air at the same time and blank my brain. Then I add things back one by one and stop when it feels full. You can't do it all all the time.

  3. Ok YES to that GIF. Perfect. Hope this break from overthinking helps thinks de-stress (:

  4. Man, I am working on that too. Some days the stress are so bad that I can't catch my breath - and then I stress out over my stress because I know my stress will keep me from having a baby that I can't seem to get pregnant with.

  5. It's so true. What you think about, you bring about. I need to work on changing my thinking!

  6. First off, YES to all things Caddyshack. I grew up on that movie and I love it! Secondly, hang in there lady. I also believe in the sit back and let it happen method. And the have another Oreo and some wine method...that's my favorite. Things will get better!

  7. I feel ya! The Caddy Shack references are not lost on me - I worked at a job where all the guys would do is say these one liners from the movie that I felt as if I had seen it!! Tennis refrence - feel ya on that one too - I mean it never failed want to hit cross court end up hitting down the middle or down the line - like WHY? LOL

  8. Good Ole Caddy Shack love it! Sounds like you need to get a good workout in and a nice big glass of wine!