Friday Favorites

Friday, August 8, 2014

Getting a late start today because well... work and stuff. I am off the blogging track and I might be for the next hot minute due to some personal stuff that needs my undivided attention. Lots going on and big changes coming for me I think, need to focus and let go at the same time. This makes me very tired at the end of the day and less likely to be able to string coherent sentences together. So I am not promising coherent sentences any time soon. But a few favorites I can do... so let's do this with Amanda...

Favorite faces.... the obligatory front porch photo on the first day of school

Favorite Hugger.....  this girl gives them out whenever I ask which is a lot lately. Hugs are not over rated.

Favorite Freak Me Out Video.... Apparently NJ bears walk around upright peeking into trashcans. I would straight up shit my pants if I looked outside and saw this.

Favorite Quote.... no elaboration necessary.

Favorite Shooties... which I cannot afford but I still would really love to own....
Meoww peep toe platform booties

And a few favorite funnies cause I could use a good laugh!!!

I hope they are doing this at work and getting paid for it.

I will never understand the whole "let's hold fireworks" thing. Natural selection?

I just love that he's committed to the bag. 

Why do people dance next to pools?

Or take running leaps for anything?

Or play with toy ROCKETS??????

I love how he works up to it too...


And Why????

And that's about it for today!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


  1. oh my lord those gifs are hilarious! oh the last one, you deserve it buddy haha. have a great weekend doll, hope the kids first day back at school was awesome! oh but seriously that bear freaks me the shit out.

  2. That looks like a person in a bear costume. Or a really skinny bear!

    I love first day of school pics! I hope they had a good one.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. so many hows and whys. SO MANY. How are these people... I just...

  4. Ughhhh why are people so dumb????

    Seriously I think that is someone in a bear just has to be right??? That is what I'm going to tell myself anyways ;-)

  5. notice how it's all MEN who do that stupid shit? i asked my husband once when we were watching america's home videos why guys do such dumb shit and he laughed and said "i have no idea. but it's something we have to do". yes, natural selection at its best LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  6. Hi!!! I'm your newest follower from #trackthetank!! Umm...those funny videos?!?! Hilarious!!!! My favorite is definitely the base twirl. OMG how awesome. Looking forward to reading more from you!!

  7. I love getting hugs, they really can turn my day around! Sorry you're having a tough time girl!