Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Time for a few little confessions today with my favorite girl Kathy....

Sooooo.... remember when I said I was never drinking again? Yeah... well I have 3 kids, no money, a full time job, a mountain of bills and a crazy, dead-beat ex. So guess what? Wine, that's what.

I think the wine actually screwed up my sleep last night. Woke up at 1:30 a.m. wide fricking awake... for an hour. RAGE. I hate that shit.

The Real Housewives of NY are ridiculous. They think it's abhorrent to live without staff. What planet are they from? Raise your own kids and clean your own damn house for God's sake!

Did anyone see this last night? Ramona refusing to talk about herself was unbelievable! Newsflash... your on a reality show about your life, and you are getting paid very well!!!! Andy Cohen was not happy. I predict she is gone soon!

But... I love that Louann admitted that she broke up with her younger man because she wants the fairy tale on the RHONY reunion last night. There's no shame in that Lou, I forget that sometimes!

School starts tomorrow.... wahhhhhhh!!!!

I need a new bag. I am thinking a Longchamp because I have been coveting it for like 2 years. Used. From Ebay. Cause that's how I roll. And cause royalty... duh. Plus, I really like to carry every possible thing known to man with me at all times for securrrity... in case I need it!

I really want to buy a zoodler but it irritates me that it is $14.99. I can cut up zucchini myself but this just looks cooler. However, I have no problem spending $14.99 on a nice bottle of Tito's. Has anyone tried this thing and is it worth it??

I am really struggling with my eating and work outs. I just can't seem to get it together! If you could only pick one to do perfectly what would it be? Eating or working out?

I think I need to dial back  my list of  "to-do's" a little bit until I get my stress/anxiety under control. I need to remind myself from time to time that I can't do everything and do it well. The beginning of the school year is hard and we are about to jump in full steam ahead. Something has got to give! I am struggling with where to fit the workouts in. Working out every night after work means less time with my kids, and now their after school activities are starting. But I am soooo not a morning workout person...

What's the first thing you let go of when you realize you have over committed yourself and are stressed to the max?


  1. Something has to give! Give yourself a break through crazy times.

    I want the veggetti. I can cut zucchini but that makes it look like NOODLES.

    I'm not a longchamp fan. Too $$ for a non-leather bag.

  2. wine, that always helps so you're already on the right track!

    also - definitely clean eating is good to stick to if you can't workout. i do that to balance things out wheni can't workout.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  3. Ah!!! I really want a Zoodler too! Seriously a robbing at that price though, thus it's saved on my Amazon wish list to hopefully be bought for me for Xmas. And I feel ya on the not working out eating right/cut down the stress and to do list issue. I'm having a hell of a week or two and none of that business seems to be helping. New purses always help with that though :)

  4. I've heard good things about the zoodler thing. Haven't actually bought one yet though.

    Also, I would go with diet. It's a lot harder to burn off 1000 calories than it is to just not eat it in the first place. At least for me!

    And <3

  5. Yes to the longchamp bag - I want to buy one and stupidly should have when I was in Paris because they are way cheaper there (surprisingly) and still regret it!! I watched the reunion last night too - I mean Sonja is certifiable!

  6. Amen, clean yo own damn house and raise ya own damn kids.

    I'd pick eating right over working out, Abs are made in the kitchen.. too bad my kitchen has ice cream in it.

  7. Every single thing you said about RHONY I agree with! I mean .... I cant even with them. And I cannot stand Aviva!

  8. I hate when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep :(

  9. omgosh i want the bag purely because of Kate Middleton. sigh.
    I haven't tried that zoodler thing but I have heard really good things - I will buy it, one day lol