Lake Weekending

Monday, August 25, 2014


Well here we are again. Monday. Blogging certainly does make me way more conscious of just how fast the days and weeks roll by around here. Do you notice that too? Another thing I noticed today when my alarm kept going off and I kept hitting snooze... the feeling of dread. Ok, maybe dread is too strong a word but I am starting to feel the way I did when I was at my last job. By late Sunday afternoon I would be a little pissed off and definitely not looking forward to Monday because of where I was going and what I was doing for work. I remembered that this morning and I don't like that feeling. It means it's time for change because life is too short to be spending 40 hours a week in a place that evokes even a twinge of dread. Just something to be aware of, not some thing I have to deal with today thank goodness.

Moving right along.... I did not have a highly productive weekend. But it was nice none the less. It started off with matte nails,  a really disappointing Chicago style pizza and a cute but mediocre movie, "Single Mom's Club". Every once in a blue moon I splurge on the expensive pizza joint around the corner that does an authentic deep dish Chicago style pie. It has the sauce on top with big chunks of tomato and really thick crust. My kids hate it so I get it when they are gone. It was really just meh.... I was totally bummed. It was still good enough to eat, I mean I was not about to cook on a Friday night with no kids and I personally think even bad pizza is still ok. However my Domino's thin crust it was not. My dog appreciated being able to share it with me though. Saturday was hot as balls at 10:00 in the morning for the little girls game. I was soaked by the time I got home around lunch time which led me to pour a big go cup of white wine on ice, pack and get my ass up to the lake with my girlfriends. Seriously it was too hot for a regularly chilled wine roadie. One of my friends has a ancient rustic little family cottage 10 minutes away so we had a one day/night getaway planned  for 6 of us. I managed to snap a few pics but most of the time I was in the lake so not many. We even got in some tipsy night swimming which was awesome cause it was still like a million degrees at midnight. Sunday all I did was laundry, a little picking up the house, napping cause I slept for shit on a 100 year old twin bed the night before. I finished off my weekend with some gourmet Hormel chili out of a can and drafted a pretty sweet Fantasy Football team.

Can I just tell you how excited I am for the up coming 3 day holiday weekend and 
Florida State Football?????


How was your weekend? Hope your pizza was better than mine!

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  1. We saw the Single Mom's Club a few weeks back and agree - from the previews it looked a lot better! I love the matte nail polish look - I'm going to try it for the fall!! Woo hoo for college football starting this weekend!

  2. Football season is SO CLOSE!!!! I can't freaking wait!

    Boo for meh chicago style pizza- that ish is usually SO GOOD

  3. Yay for lake trips and fantasy football! I can't wait for football to start!

  4. I love how that polish looks as a matte color! xo jillian - stop by I'm hosting a great giveaway on cornflake dreams

  5. Your weekend looked fun!!

    When you're pissy about life all day Sunday, you know it's time to roll.

  6. Doesnt sound like a bad weekend at all, minus the heat! It's freaking scorching outside!

  7. Im telling you having the right job will take that feeling away. I felt like that at my last job but now that I am teaching I look forward to work every day. In fact I wake up before my alarm because I am excited. LOL

  8. OMG it's only Monday and I really can't stop thinking about the three-day weekend ahead lol. I'm really over this rain/heatwave we've gotten here lately. I'm ready for sweater weather!