Reality Sets In....

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ugh... only 2 days left (including today) till my kids are back in school. As I was getting ready for work today at 7:37 I looked at the clock and thought in 2 days I will have already been up for at least 2 hours by now. This does not make me happy. You see, I thoroughly enjoy my leisurely mornings in the summer. I like being the only person I have to get ready every day. My kids are old enough to get themselves up and dressed but I still make sure they are up and moving, make their breakfast (pour cereal, pop the toast in the toaster) and pack their lunches every day during the school year. Maybe I shouldn't, they could certainly do all of these things or some on their own but I can, so I do. But what that means for me is instead of rolling out of bed at 6:30 or 6:45  I have to be completely done with myself and ready to do their stuff by that time everyday. So I need to start going to bed earlier and fake being more organized again.  Grrreat!

On a positively shocking note their Dad took them school supply shopping and paid for everything. He also got the boy a haircut, new socks and underwear for the little girl and took all three of them for a teeth cleaning yesterday. It's my insurance that paid for that but it's one of those things that's hard for me to schedule so I appreciated that he took the initiative. He has also taken all three of them to their school open houses, which are conveniently scheduled during the day for working parents. I haven't thanked him for any of it. Although I do appreciate it, it hardly makes up for the money that he owes me and the hell he has put me through. But nonetheless, I will thank God for small favors. Someone is maybe looking out for me!

So tonight is really our last night of summer vacay. The last night the kids can stay up and do whatever they want. I don't believe in summer bedtimes at this age. Being a working mom means that I only get to spend time with my kids early in the morning and in the evenings after work so screw bedtimes in the summer. If they want to stay up and hang with me or just be in the same room doing our own things I am all about it. I will miss a lot of things about summer but mostly just the fact that there are limited activities and more time for us just to spend together doing whatever we want to do. To me that is what summer is for, not signing them up for more sports or shipping them off to camps for weeks at a time. Some is ok but they need down time too, just like us big people. I can honestly say my kids are going back to school well rested and relaxed. They haven't heard an alarm clock in at least a month since swim practice ended. In fact I am pretty sure there were many days that one or two of them slept till lunch time this summer. And I don't care, summer vacations will be a thing of the past soon enough. What I wouldn't give to go back and live just one more from my childhood! Wouldn't you?


  1. enjoy the last night of summer vacay! yay for their dad paying for everything! i know it doesnt make up for anything, but yay for small favors indeed.

  2. Small favors- thanks God! haha. Have a great last night of summer ):

  3. I feel you . . . so glad the ex stepped up to do some stuff . . . I know that is a burden off of you!! And I'm with you . . . summers are for fun and relaxing. Good luck with the back to school monkey business . . . we started yesterday!!

  4. I'm not ready! My daughter goes back a little later - her first day is in September. I was just telling her this morning that soon we would have to work on getting back into her school routine. Right now she has to be out the door at 8 am and I have to be out by 9 am. Summer is bliss. We were laying in bed watching TV this morning at 7:30 am! If only my routine could stay like this instead of the hellish rushing. Bleh. I feel your pain, girl!

  5. Ugh, I am so not a morning person, so I feel for you! I wake up at 5:45 AM every morning, and I hate it all the time. Enjoy your last bit of vacay!

  6. I would love to have one more free summer, when I knew the value of that freedom and those non-scheduled days.

  7. kayla's first day is september 2 and I AM NOT READY. these kids need to have a pause button so they can stop growing up so fast!

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