Weekending at Home

Monday, August 11, 2014


Linking up with Miss Biana & Miss Meghan today for a little re-capping of the weekend.... Truth be told I had a shitty week last week. I just let everything get to me too much and felt maybe like I was fighting the crud. I was kinda fighting something, maybe just myself. Stress males me feel sick... ugh. So since it was my kid free weekend I took full advantage of getting some much needed rest and tackled a few tasks that needed to be done. One not so fun thing... beaucoups of personal paperwork.... I have been putting off for ever and I had to have it done by today. And I did it. But not before I tucked myself in bed on Friday night and got about 10 much needed hours of almighty, glorious sleep.

When I awoke from my slumber in the late morning hours on Saturday I decided that I didn't really need to go anywhere or do anything for the rest of the weekend. Although I felt better, not a hundred percent so why not just go all in for the lazy weekend? Amiright??? So my weekend basically consisted of no makeup, yoga pants, big ole soft t-shirts and messy hair. I holed up at home with my dog, worked and watched bad weekend binge TV like Snapped, Deadly Women and my new favorite... Alaska: Ice Cold Killers. Who knew they had a serial killer population in Alaska??

I also made some good food cause even when my kids aren't here I try to cook. I can cook stuff and try it out to see if it's kid worthy or not. And cooking relaxes me, concocting a new recipe or following one from a favorite book and tweaking it a little, it's calming to me to be in the kitchen.  Plus if I don't cook I will eat out of the pantry all weekend which is likely to be kid food or some sort of junk that I keep for their treats. Then when they come home they are mad that their double stuff Oreos are gone. I can only blame the dog so many times. Plus I watched like 4 episodes of My 600 lb. Life on TLC... that'll make you want to eat super healthy! So one of my healthy snacks was some home made hummus, which I am actually getting better at making. It does not really taste t like the store bought stuff but I know whats in it and I like that. My basic recipe is:

1 can of garbanzo beans
juice of half a lemon
Tahini (I was out of this and it's still ok but this makes it so much better and creamier)
Minced Garlic
Sea Salt
Cracked Pepper
Olive Oil
A dusting of Paprika

Combine first 7 ingredients in your food processor and blend until smooth. Slowly drizzle in Olive oil through the hole in the lid where the cap comes off ( I am sure there is some name for this thing but you know what I mean) until it gets to the consistency that you like. Taste it and adjust what you think it needs. Usually more salt. I love it with pretzels... I know this is bad but, oh well.

This is pretty much where I sat parked all weekend and this was my view. Periodically there were loads of laundry off to the side and as you can see here the stray half eaten stuffed animal. Sometimes I would give anything to work at home but then I think I might miss all the assholes I work with. Or not. 

Mr. Winston, president and CEO of couch napping, was happy to oversee and help orchestrate the goings on. He did a terrific job. 

Sunday night I decided to get a little fancy and use up that head of cauliflower in my fridge before it went bad. And my kids complain about the smell whenever I cook it so timing was good. This recipe is Cauliflower Rice from The Paleo Kitchen cookbook which I cannot say enough good things about. I have had the book for a few months and so far everything I have made is a winner! Who knew you could do such amazing things with cauliflower and a food processor? This is a really yummy alternative to rice... light, fluffy and delicious and a big helping of veggies! Winner winner...

And here's just a few other random snaps of some foods, napping dogs, walking dogs (we both really enjoyed this even in 1000% humidity), pumpkin protein pancakes, some goat cheese concoctions and Sunday night beer and brownies. I made those for the kids for when they got home... just to clarify. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Lazy weekends are the best weekends!! Homemade Hummus - YUM!!! Congrats on getting things done and hope you're feeling better after the stress of last week!

  2. Mental health weekends rule. Doing nothing at your own leisure is the best.

  3. This sounds like the perfect weekend. I am so in need of a weekend spent at home with no place to go and nothing to do (other than stuff around the house). I wish there was one of those weekends in sight for me but I'm booked through August. Also your food looks amazing and I want to nap with your dog - like all the time.

  4. Honestly, that sounds like a grand weekend plan. There's something that eases the brain when you get those tasks you've been avoiding done . . . yay for you!

  5. this weekend sounds perfect and HOLD ON- what channel is this Alaska killers show on??? I LOVE snapped- if you ever see the one about the woman in Richmond that is my neighborhood- they left out the part out where my drunk dad wandered into the crime scene holding a beer and had to sit in a police car for 2 hours of the investigation....

  6. Now that's my idea of a take care of you weekend - lounge attire, taking care of some biz, cooking, restorative sleep. Cooking soothes me too.

  7. I really want to make cauliflower rice but the comment police would be all over that one every since the mashed potato incident dupe looks really good though right?

  8. Lazy weekends are the best. That hummus looks amazing and everyone always tells me how easy it is but I have yet to try it. I love cauliflower mash and rice. Yum!

  9. all the food looks delish, especially the hummus and cauliflower rice - i have made the rice before, so yum but super labour intensive for me.