And then it was September...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

And officially my birthday month, and the end of summer and the beginning of football season and pretty much the greatest time of the year. So Labor Day weekend, not much laboring going on in my house but it was still nice. We just pretty much hung out with each other. Saturday was all day football extravaganza starting with College Game Day live from TX where my Noles played Saturday night. And after watching great games all day I have to say my team looked a lil but rusty. But they won, so there's that. Despite all the haters and trash talking about their current jerseys for the road... I still maintain it is tribal chic.

Sunday was spent out in the world with friends at their pool. We grilled, drank, lounged in the pool and ate smores. It did not suck, in fact it was a lot of fun... see... happy smore faces....

Monday was more relaxing with a little cooking and eating thrown in for good measure. We made home made turkey bacon, egg and cheese biscuits for brunch and grilled a big ole slab of ribs for dinner. And here's one thing I realized, I have been cooking differently for awhile now out of necessity, saving money, trying to eat cleaner. This usually means we have things on hand, pre-pared and ready to go because it just makes life so much easier. When I set out to cook a whole meal from start to finish and clean up too now it feels like I am making Thanksgiving dinner! I wonder how I did that everyday when I was a stay at home Mom, dinner on the table every night??? 

Not clean at all but oh so good.....

All in all it was a nice way to end the summer. We mostly stayed in, didn't spend a lot of money which is always a goal for me.  I even got the kids on board for a little closet cleaning so I get to haul a bunch of crap to the Goodwill this week which really makes me happy happy. Now the real business of fall begins... cheer practice, football games, tennis matches, swim team and of course school and work... ugh. My current most hated. My son and I are developing quite a strong bond based solely on our dislike for all things Monday/workweek related.  Also I got my first Rocksbox this weekend... more on that later but so far I love the earrings!

Is everybody ready to hang up the swim suits and put on some boots and jeans??? I am. 
Bring it FALL.

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  1. those earrings are intense! love them. cant believe it is september, i am so not ready for summer to be over :(

  2. Cant wait to see the rest of your goodies from the RocksBox!! Love those earrings! Sounds like a perfect weekend - any Saturday that involves college football = great in my book!

  3. LOVE those earrings! Annnnd can I come eat some ribs and biscuits pleeease that looks amazing!

  4. Ribs, biscuits, FSU football and some drinks in one weekend. Doesn't sound half bad at all!

  5. we have no choice to hang up our summer gear because the temps here are straight up wack. as in cold temps one minute, then rainy as fuck, then hot then cold...mostly cool though. oh well; at least we got in some good days.

    Vodka and Soda

  6. I hear what you mean re: the cooking. And the more decadent it is (& and I guess unhealthier), the more work!!! Your kids are cuties!!

    <3 Sarita

  7. what an awesome weekend!! i love those earrings so much!

  8. I'm excited to hear about RocksBox... this is new to me!