Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vodka and Soda

How are we here again? Wednesday, hump day, mid week that is. How? I don't know but, I Confess....

I really want to go out in the parking lot at lunch time, crawl into the back seat of my SUV and go to sleep for an hour. My company has recently enacted a strict policy regarding lunch time which is bullshit, as in you must take one. My bosses window faces the parking lot. How funny would that be. I'd rather work through lunch but if I can't I think the next logical choice is sleep.

I am officially working on about 2 weeks straight of old lady bedtime and no weeknight glass(es) o' wine/beer/anything alcoholic and surprise surprise I feel really good. I am looking forward to my bed every night like a giant loser. But I love it. Does anyone else have real unadulterated love for their bed? Is it weird that I do, like get excited about it love?


I officially do not give two shits about my work wardrobe any longer for the purposes of my current position. I work in a casual environment full of engineering nerds that dress for shit, we're talking Dockers people. I have decided I would much rather spend my hard earned doll hairs on fun stuff to wear outside of work. Like this.
polite tee
I really want to cut my hair... like cut it off. But it has been long for like four years and I am so afraid that the minute I do I will regret it. But it grows back so that's dumb. But then I will have to actually "do" it every day instead of throwing it into a pony tail. But it could be cute. Lord knows I could use a change and sometimes I feel like changing your hair drastically can actually spark other changes in your life, almost like you become a bit of a new person yourself. Does anyone know what I mean? Maybe just a long bob for winter, or even a teensy bit shorter. 

I had two guys on my Fantasy bench last week that scored more points that my two starters in those positions. Damn you Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay!!! You cost me first place and your loss put me in 7th in my division. You're out and Rothlisberger is in this week. Oh yeah and how about those Lions? I have a total lady boner for Matthew Stafford this year. He's on fi-ahhhhhh!

Happy Hump Day Hookers!


  1. 1) bitches who dress up here are hiding the fact that they suck at what they do. it's all smoke and mirrors up in hurr: you suck therefore you must hide that fact by distracting everyone with your fancy monkey butler outfits. I SEE THROUGH THAT SHIT.

    2) TAKE YOUR LUNCH. girl, it's YOUR TIME; they don't pay you for that shit so take it!! don't let the company make money off you on your designated time. so crawl into your SUV and take that nap!

    3) HELL YES TO OLD LADY BEDTIMES. i am in bed and relaxing by 730-8pm ERRNIGHT and i feel good! (say it in a james brown voice). nothing will take me away from that old lady bedtime. dinner plans at 7pm? nope; interferes with my getting ready for old lady bedtime. meeting up for drinks at 9pm? nope; that's a half hour away from me being asleep. party starting at 11pm? HAHAHAHAHA TRY AGAIN

    thanks for linking up!

  2. I love my bed an unnatural amount and would love to nap during lunchtime! Also, boooooo on those Lions as my team is the Giants and well, them embarrassed themselves on Monday!

  3. Dooo ittt! Cut your hair!!! I cut mine after growing it for almost two years and am so happy I did it!

  4. 1. My bed is my best friend. I love that mother effer.

    2. Yes, to the haircut. You have the face for it and if you dont like it it will always grow back.

  5. I love sleep and wish I could go back to when I was a kid and cash in on those naps I hated!

  6. I go to bed at like 8:30-9pm most nights. I am SO. LAME. But I don't care. I want to get up by 5:15 and work out and I love sleeping so it is what it is.
    Also, I work with a bunch of engineers as well. And also a bunch of biz dev people. It's kind of divided with how people dress, but you will not catch me in yoga pants to the office. Personally, I feel as though if I am going to commute an hour into Chicago, I should at least try a bit! Have a great hump day!!

  7. i 'work' through my lunch, like everyone else, ie we sit at our desks and eat whilst not working. lol. sometimes i like to get out and go for a walk though. yeah i know exactly what you mean about the hair - yeah it does grow back but it takes so long! i dont normally let mine get so long because it stops behaving so i cut it lol

  8. I've often thought how sad it is to be so excited to get in my bed at night . . . more so during the school year when the running around is endless than the summer, but yes . . . I have a love affair with my bed too!

    And I say go for the haircut!! I agree, it will grow back and it could be the change you are looking for!!

  9. I have taken MANY naps in the parking lot during work! hahaha Sometimes you need it!

  10. I always want to sleep on my lunch time. I eat in like 5 seconds flat so the rest I could snooze a bit. I'm just worried it may make me groggier... then Im screwed.

  11. I never feel bad about taking my lunch, and since I can't leave earlier if I don't take it, I figure WTF! I'm doing it.

    I love my bed and get excited to go to bed. I feel like a good healthy person if I can get in it before 10 p.m. but that's rare.

  12. Omg I hate when companies insist on employees taking lunch damnit I want to finish and go home early! lol

  13. I miss driving to work because of lunchtime naps. It wouldn't exactly work with public transportation!

  14. Rodgers screwed me in fantasy last week too. WTF? I'm giving him one more week to get his shit together and then I'm putting Dalton in. Also, YES I have a love-type relationship with my bed. I want to be in it all day every day. I look forward to it in the evenings and I don't want to leave it's comforting embrace in the morning. I love grandma status bedtimes like 9:30 and I'm not even ashamed because sleep is a glorious thing. I did the hair thing - the bob, I regret/love it. Does that make sense? I think it's always a combo like that.

  15. aw man. I was thinking about cutting out my booze-before-bed but then I was like "that's actually impossible". But now you're doing it and I feel like there's not an excuse. DAMMIT.

  16. My bed is where it's at. I'd stay there forever if I could. I'm totally a lunch napper. When I was in training, every day, I'd go back to the barracks and take a nap. Not only did it pass the time, but I was a MUCH nicer person after my lunch nap.