It's Humpday!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Confessional time with Kathy....

I haven't spoken to my ex in over a week. We had a huge fight and I decided to take a page out of his playbook and go dark. As in he texts me, I don't respond. At all. Nothing. He's been doing this to me for years. This week has been ah-mazing. Why didn't I think of this sooner? #onceyougoblack

And on a related note....

I drove my daughter to Justice at 8:00 last night to buy her something to wear for picture day. She had a complete melt down and before you judge, hear me out. This kid never complains, at least not much. She is also daughter #2 and kid #3 so although she has a lot of clothes it's mostly hand me downs. I get tons of stuff from friends/neighbors for her. Since my budget is so tight there is not much room for new stuff. I am not sure what happened but she just lost it, there were tears, hiccuppy ugly crying curled up on my lap. Very out of character and my gut feeling was it was not about picture day. Sometimes their stress comes out in weird ways too, just like us grown ups. So we went shopping and she got a new, sparkly "cool kid" shirt to wear for pics today and I got to be the coolest Mom in the world... after my heart almost broke in half when my 8 year old cried about her complicated life! And she wasn't being a brat... it's really been a little complicated. Don't ever think your kids don't know what's really going on, they do! #itscomplicated

I didn't even send in the order form for picture day. Ooops. It's not really about that anyway. Clearly. #momoftheyear

The guy who sits next to me and does nothing all day is in Spain this week with one of the partners for business. God only knows why, cause he's a moron. Seriously considering turning his desk drawers upside down. At the very least there will be scotch tape on the mouthpiece of his phone and the optical receiver on his mouse. He's so dumb that should keep him busy for awhile. Hey, I watched a lot of the office. #ihatelookingatyourfaceiwanttosmashit

I've had grilled cheese for dinner a lot more than any other food lately. #onceithitsyourlipsitssogood

I'm thinking I need to do another 30 day challenge with one of my favorite Fitspo's over at Four Fit Sisters. #grilledcheeseisnotmyfriend

Vodka and Soda

Who's ready for wine?



  1. grilled cheese sounds so so good right now!

  2. Grilled cheese. That's all I can think about now.

    I'm sorry your daughter is having a hard time. Sometimes you just need a hug from your mom, a good cry, and a new shirt.

  3. #onceyougoblack...I am DYING. You are too funny lady! Happy hump day!

  4. hahahaha #onceyougoblack I cannot! haha

  5. you're 100% right; sometimes their stress comes out in a strange way but it's good that you followed your gut. even 8yr olds need retail therapy, amirite?!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  6. I totally agree - their stress comes out in different ways, and I remember being her age and having the same emotions going through me with my mom!! You are totally mom of the year - don't even think twice about it!!!

  7. haha you should do that to the guy who sits next to you, he sounds like a tool.
    aw poor girl! really, everything does seem so magnified when you're a kid and i remember really honestly feeling that way. and i think you can tell the difference when she's being a brat and when she's really stressed! you're a great mom!

  8. You should probably put his stapler in a jello mold, you know, keeping with The Office theme. I watched the PARKOUR/Rumor episode last night. Oh the goodness. I looooovvveeee The Office!

  9. Kids are going to have meltdowns- you're doing something right that its a rare event and not an all the time thing!

  10. At least the melt down is a rare moment, right?