Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Let's get some confessing goin on up in here. Who's with me?

I have an Instagram problem. I am an addict. I have all these people that I follow that must not work cause they are positng 24/7. And I would post 24/7 too if someone would just pay me. Do these people get paid for all the #sfs stuff?? I appreciate all of the love but do you even follow the people you are telling me to go follow? Whats the deal? And do you really need to show us your ass that many times a day? I get it, you squat. But still, when people like my shit this is totally me.

So i decided to do a little on-line dating again cause it's fall and it's getting to be snuggle weather. And also because I have not been out since the toothless biker guy took me to lunch and well... I want to go out. Or be taken out actually. Is that wrong? I want some dinners and wine and adult conversation. There are always all of these older guys begging to take me out and I always say no no no cause I just can't picture myself going out with an older guy. But maybe I should reconsider. They have money and they want to spend it on me. What would you do? I don't want to be one of those girls that just dates for dinners but ...

Not with this guy, too old... 60. Ewwww ...  First of all what is he doing?Hes like sideways in bed.  Snapping a selfie while some lady friend is ... what in the bathroom? See the pink bra in the background. Yeah dude, I see that. What. The. Fuck.

And this guy on Tinder. Please meet Tinder Jesus... for all of you that don't believe. Believe. 

His about reads as follows: 
Give me a night and I"ll show you why they call me the Way, the Truth and the Light. 

I stalk people. If I work with you, meet you out, you wanna date me, your kid and my kid are friends, your son wants to date my daughter... I'm gonna be stalking you to see what you are all about. I confess, it's one of the first things I do. Knowledge is power and Google is... well it's there. And if you are dumb enough to have your social media pages wide open  and you have anything at all to hide... thank you very much for making stalking such a cake walk. You would be amazed at how many men are dating online, freely giving out their info when their FB page is wide open and there are pics of the wife and/or girlfriend or she posts there on the reg. You guys are so, so dumb.

My pants are looser. It's seven days into the #October35for27 Challenge with Adie from Four Fit Sisters and also 7 days into my wallet watch which has me eating and drinking less for money and health. I have not been doing much cardio, but I pinned a bunch of home work out pins and have been alternating every night with combos of arms, abs, booty, legs and yoga. I have free weights at home too and I have been trying to do extra squats during commercials if I am watching TV. I am even making my kids do the wall sits with me. I've been sore every day but good sore. More energy. Less bloat. All good stuff in 7 days. This is my favorite so far. Youchy.... it hurts so good....

The ab workout you need to try (and it doesn't include one single sit-up)

So... spill it... what you got goin on??? Tell Me... and Kathy

Vodka and Soda


  1. ok that old guy in bed? CREEPY AS FUCK ewwwww gross.

    and hi-five for the weight loss and workouts at home!! every little thing counts; keep it up!!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  2. Are you fucking kidding me with that man a) in bed b) with a bra in the background?

    I don't stalk, I have my BFF for that. She finds everything there ever is on anyone. I love it.

    Great job on the workouts and the wallet watch! My wallet watch is going awesome, I've not spent anything. I need to return to the Gap at lunch. Give me strength.

  3. Hahahahahaha Tinder Jesus cracks me up. Sometimes I want to get Tinder just to be creepy and look at the people on it even though I'm in a relationship. My curiosity just feels the need to try it. Still holding strong though. Also, awesome on looser pants! I wish that were the case over here!

  4. Yay for progress!

    ANd OMG I just forwarded this post to my friends because these tinder men.........

  5. Good job with your October challenge - you are going to rock it!! I have no words for that 60 y/o man - GROSS with the bra in the background!

  6. OMG, I'm fascinated and disgusted with Tinder. So many fantastic sites full of creepy Tinder men. UGH. And congrats on the exercise challenge! Loose pants are fantastic!

  7. Giiirrlll you better HOPE that the bra in the background is some other chick's....Also, shirtless selfies with grey chest hair makes me vomit in my mouth. This also reminds me that I've been at my desk for the past hour eating out of a jar of cookie butter (thank you Trader Joe's). As a result, my pants aren't feeling any more loose...congrats on your October challenge!! :D

  8. LOL that guy with the in bed selfie with the bra in the background. What in the actual f*ck! LOL And I think you should date older guys, like 7 years older is totallly fine. they are more mature take you to nicer places and just know how the hell they are supposed to act..hopefully.

  9. oh my gosh that is so creepy! the pink bra, wtf?!

  10. That Jesus one had me rolling...I'm so glad I don't have to date it's torture.

    I'm a big time stalker, it must be because we are virgos haha

  11. Oh online dating.. its freaking hilarious when its not someone you'd consider dating.. like the old guy and the bra. Makes you wonder why that bra is there...

  12. I love how you spotted the bra. What is wrong with people!?!