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Friday, October 10, 2014

Promote Love

My favorite day of the week has arrived finally and I for one am thrilled. Happy to say I made it thru the week sans alcohol and crappy food which should mean that I am hangry and crabby but I am actually quite the opposite. You know how when you get motivated by outside forces that are so negative you actually go balls to the wall in the opposite direction? Yeah, that's about how I feel right now. The only thing (Ha I wish) I am really falling short on right now is this little space right here and getting her all pretty and ready to go every day. So thank goodness for friends & lovers like Tia at Hands On Pants Off for giving me great things to write about like LOVE. And lucky for her she did not ask me to write about the man woman kinda love blech cause that would have been a very short post ending in "EFFF that NOISE". But blog love on the other hand I can do all day long. So aside from sharing a whole buncha my favorite pumpkin shiz with you I am going to share with you my blogging punkin... Jessica who blogs over at Livin on Sweet Tea. Ain't she purdy?
Livin' on Sweet Tea

Any who... Miss Jessica and I have a few things in common which makes me like her even more. She blogs about her new and improved life on the tiny little island that is Key West. Hello??? Can you say paradise??? It sounds pretty cool right? Well it is and it's pretty nifty to hear about what it's like to live in a place like that because 99.9% of us never will. It's way too small for all of us to fit in there any way. We also have another thing in common in that a few years back we both got the big D. I'll wait while y'all get your heads out the gutter... cause I am talking Divorce you hoes. That's right, we both found the strength and courage to get out of a bad situation and get to the important business of movin on and livin the good life. That just makes me like her even more because we have a sister hood us ladies. You just don't get it unless you have been through it. Unlike me she found herself a nice new fisherman to share the good times with in Key West so you get to see a lot of fresh fishin in the ocean on her blog too and who does not like that. And last but not least she is a fellow Nole fan so we can talk all things football and Florida State University all the live long day. Please go check her out on her blog or follow along on Instagram and say hello cause she's my sista from anotha mista.

Oh and all of you bloggers out there please join in the fun and share some love by linking up with Tia. We all need the good and positive stuff every day to keep the haters away!

And now for all the other pumpkins.... So every year they get me. Trader Joe's that is, and their damn pumpkin lineup of delicious goodness. I am a true Pumpkin person... I love eating it, decorating with them, drinking pumpkin beverages... I am even thinking about a little Halloween themed tatt. A new shop in town is offering a deal, $50 Halloween themed tatts all day. Soooo tempting! But I digress. Back to Pumpkin food and drink. Unfortunately due to the wallet watch I don't think I will be shopping at TJ's until Nov. cause... well it's an unnecessary expense. But I am sure all of the treats will still be around in November. In case you are like me I put together a list of my top choices.

So I am mostly eating Paleo these days but I love a good cheat meal now and again and past is just quick, easy and delicious. Honey Roasted Pumpkin ravioli???  I want to roll around in it. Maybe in like a nice browned butter sauce....

Honey Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli

I really just like saying croissant... croissant...

Pumpkin Croissants

Pumpkin Pop-Tarts?? Who is the geenyus who thought this one up cause I didn't even care about pop-tarts till I saw this.

Organic Pumpkin Frosted Toaster Pastries

I do love a good salted caramel anything and these look like little bits of crack laced with salt and pumpkin. And the caramel is like all oozy... Will report back.
Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Caramels

This intrigues me. It could be really good or it could be pumpkin cranberry cardboard. I'm still not sold on healthy crackers. I miss the fat.

Pita Crisps with Cranberries and Pumpkin Seeds

So basically a healthy pumpkin oreo. Good thing about this is I can eat the whole box because they will not fool my kids I am sure.

Pumpkin Joe Joe's

Pumpkin Body Butter... omg yes please. I want to walk around smelling like a pie all day. Guys like that. It also says it's vegan?  Which always cracks me up when it's a non-food item. I mean I get it but... vegan body butter just sounds... wrong. Or awesomely right... not sure which.

Pumpkin Body Butter

And you gotta wash it all down with a nice chilled pumpkin beer, amiright?  I will be doing just that this weekend.

KBC Pumpkin Ale

Now you tell me what/who melts your butter?

Also linking up with Amanda because I love her too and I like to spread it around:)


  1. ahhh! I follow Jessica on Instagram but how in the world did I miss her on her blog? Following now!
    Thanks so much for linking up!! Happy Friday!

  2. I'm totally buying pumpkin ice cream tonight.

    Have a great weekend! Glad you made it through the week unscathed and uncrabby!

  3. I've been a fan of Jessica for so long, I miss her regular blogging but who can blame her?? I'd be living it up if I lived there too!

    I've avoided my first tastes of pumpkin this year to avoid going into pumpkin overdrive, but dang girl! this post and pictures is making me weaken.

  4. i love jess! i stalk her on the regular but bitch needs to post more.

    and i'm loving all things pumpkin! i just polished off the pumpkin bread i made and looking for any excuse to slather on my pumpkin butter on erryting!

  5. Pumpkin crazy time!!! YES. And ummm I too want to roll around in that pumpkin ravioli stuff! MY GAWD I need to buy some!!! I won't know what to do with myself when DD doesn't have their pumpkin coffee anymore...

  6. ooh thanks for introducing a new blog to me... and i'm a pumpkin soup girl, but thats it!

  7. This is so freakin awesome!! Thank you for all the lovin'. It made my day!

  8. Ummmmmmm I need that body butter!!! I picked up and put back the ravioli because I couldn't think of what sauce to put over I want them back!! Thanks so much for linking up girl!