Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Well it is Wednesday and I have not humped it with Kathy in awhile. I know we are kinda sorta not doing that anymore or are we? I can't remember what the deal was but I feel like spilling some guts so lucky yoo-hoo-hoo... pull up a chair!

In case you have not heard Avon and Glamour Magazine are teaming up with reader and survivor of domestic violence, Charli Bailey, to bring awareness to the subject via social media. I confess, I did not do the ice bucket challenge... maybe this is my chance to make up for it. Because you all know I'm a selfie whore so this challenge was made for moi. Charli has challenged us to break the #wallofsilence just by taking a #shhhselfie and bringing awareness to domestic violence. It will be a wall of selfies instead of silence, so to speak. This one is close to my heart. Thankfully there was no element of physical abuse in my marriage but I do understand very well the element of silence. The need to reach out but the embarrassment that keeps women silent. The shame and the fear are very real and until you have been in it you just can't know. Some of these brave women never get out. So do me a solid and go take a selfie and hashtag it #wallofsilence... on IG, Face Book, Twitter... whatever you like. Avon is donating money for every selfie taken! Oh and tag me so I can see your beautiful faces... @amyrose716 on IG, crazywisewoman on Twitter. No more shhhhhh...... 

And on a lighter note. 

This about sums up my general disposition as of late. Wen I saw it I literally laughed out loud. That's some ghet-to mac and cheese.

But seriously, it seems that whether I freak out or stay calm things go the way they are gonna go so...

This song.... cause lately I do feel it's always darkest before the dawn. No mellow drama here I swear.

But at least I'm not Meg. Looks like no one wants to share a Coke with her.

I have taken a liking to the show Slednecks on Mtv. A reality show about twenty-somethings in Alaska. It's good stupid fun. Don't watch it cause if you are simple like me you'll get hooked! Cause naked ice swimming...

I have a job interview on Thursday. I don't think it's what I am looking for but I haven't had an interview in four years so I am going for the practice. Plus it's a short drive and I can hit Costco on the way back. Priorities...  and large quantities of my favorite things like cheese and Nutella.

I have been on a few pretty fun dates lately. I have been a little more open minded and lax on some of my requirements.  And by that I mean I am trying to strictly go on the actual connection and worry less about the physical stuff and it seems to be working well. I am not saying I am dating the ugly guys at all... the last couple have been really cute... and younger. I can't help it. They are fun. And I won't even get into the beard. I know it may not be your thing, but it's definitely mine!

Other random things I have noticed since being unemployed...

I prefer to have Pandora or the radio on all day while I'm home but if I do turn on the TV here is whats on 24 fucking 7... 19 Kids and Counting. Whose counting anymore??? I stopped counting at 3. TLC runs this bitch all the live long day and I can't figure out why. WHY?????

Gas is really cheap right now especially when you don't go anywhere. 

I am not hating wearing uber comfy clothes all day long... and by that I mean yoga pants and leggings. I am showering and getting myself looking good every day now. The first few days not so much. But really, I don't feel human without a little makeup and hair every day. 

I think I would not hate working at home again. I did it while kids were young and couldn't wait to get back to an office. I am now so officially over Idiots  people that a work at home job would be welcome. 

Looking for a job is a fucking full time job. I am busy all damn day with emails, applications, phone calls, etc. Just think,  if I put this much effort into finding a sugar daddy I could fill my days with shopping, yoga classes, lunch, tennis.... sigh.... maybe in another lifetime:)

I think that is all the confessing I have to for today!


  1. I am all about finding a job where I can rock my yoga pants and/or leggings all day long. Think how much more productive you could be if you didn't have to be all up in the professional get up to sit at a desk and do shit. I couldn't agree more on that damn show 19 kids and counting. All day, every day. TLC needs to step up the game.

    1. It would be so awesome to find a job like that and yes I would be so productive... so bring it universe!!! Thanks Mistie!

  2. good luck on your interview, even if you're just using it for practice, that's great! and naked ice swimming, no thank you!

  3. good luck on the interview! i sometimes go on them just to brush up my skills even though i work full time and would never leave this place unless they made me.

  4. good luck on your interview! You are gonna do great, just believe it inside and it'll radiate out! I dont really understand the 19 kids and counting business...i can't watch it. I just don't understand why the hell they had to have 19 kids....

  5. SLEDNECKS???? WHERE HAVE I BEEN? This is right up my alley!!! And that mac and cheese meme has me on the floor!

  6. Love that Avon campaign. I'm definitely in.

    Interviewing is good even if it doesn't seem like a great fit.