October Wallet Watch Results.... & Stuff

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So I hooked up with Steph last month for the Wallet watch and my task for myself was to get on the food wagon and stop spending unnecessarily. Not that I was making it rain at the grocery store or anything but... never hurts to tighten things up a bit and pay closer attention. Who would have thought that it would be coming in so handy now in light of my current situation.

So I added it up only by trips to and spending at the grocery store. The money part really didn't amount to huge savings. The difference between Sept. and October grocery expenses are as follows:

September - $467.66

October - $442.15

That's a difference of $25.51... not very much but it was accomplished in 5 less... yes 5 less... trips to the grocery store. That's a huge time saver. I also totalled up gas expenses and I was $50 less in gas for October as well. Now gas prices are falling but still. The real point is being mindful can shave money off in places or ways you may normally not think of. If I had the inclination to really drill down into this I would look at eating out and alcohol purchases as well as that was part of my mental/personal challenge.I kind of fell off the recording everything wagon as the month wore on and work just went a little haywire. Oh well, it was a good lesson. I know I cooked more multi-purpose meals rather than grab and go, one shot meals which means over all I am sure we ate more at home and less out. My pantry actually is starting to look a little bare which makes me feel good because I am using the things I purchase!

On another note, does that seem like a lot for groceries? It seems like a big number to me but it's really about $110.53 (October) a week to feed my family of four plus one dog. That's breakfast some lunches and dinner, snacks and a few treats here and there. I think I am actually better at this than I thought I was because I could take them out to eat and drop $75 on one meal with no problem at all. My weekly spending seems pretty damn on point but still... feeding those kiddoes is big. Sure would be nice to have an ex husband who helps, fuck you very much douchejuan.

Any way... huge progress yesterday and checking more off the list today. I filed for unemployment for the first time ever in my life... ugh... but also yay!!! Every little bit helps and if I can stick it to old Nutella face and make a little extra paper work for her so much the better. Suck it Moomoo:)

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I will love you long time. 


  1. Ooooooooooooooooo girl.... I have been pinching pennies for the past year. I WANT TO SPLURGE DAMMIT!!!!!

  2. For feeding a family of four! That was great!

  3. thats awesome - 5 less trips?!! thats amazing.

  4. I think your grocery spending is on point! For being able to feed a family of 4 + a dog that is incredible!! Well done :)

  5. I think that is awesome for a family of four! I probably spend similar just to feed myself and my husband. Okay, mostly my husband. Because I'm vegetarian, and plants are cheaper x).

  6. my saving is this month. so far, so good, minus what i bought under the influence of cold meds. crazy!