Weekending In An Upside Down World

Monday, November 10, 2014

The first Monday of being unemployed, when all your friends go back to work and your kids go back to school sucks big hairy balls. I am trying to be positive. I am up, kitchen cleaned, kids off to school... not in the bed with covers up over my head. Although I would like to be. I made my list for the week of the top most important things I have to do or at least get a start on. So much, so time consuming. Looking for a job and trying to manage money with no money coming in is a really annoyingly hard job. I'm not saying hard like Alaskan crab fishing kind of hard but, I have calls to make, resume to write/update/rewrite, unemployment to file for and the daunting task of finding out what kind of help I might be able to get in the mean time. This is the first time I am unemployed with no other source of income. No husband or even ex-husband who contributes. Which means I need to see whats out there for single moms like em, as much as I hate the thought of it. I have to. Kids need to eat.

So quick recap so I can get to work-ish-y things!! First up looks like I will have a little more time (maybe) for blogging so I am going to start there. Maybe see if i can generate something here or at least get some free stuff cause... I have no shame. I am working on  a giveaway for this month and going to make some ad space upgrades because I have completely ignored it for awhile. So.... if you want some come and get it, just click on that sponsor tab up above or that pic down there and throw some cha-ching at me. My ads are super cheap already but so is pizza and my kids can eat that! In return I promise to shout you out all over the place if you like that sorta thing! And giveaway entries and all of that good stuff too! I am working on it... more info to come. Right now I just need your faces!

The weekend was actually super busy with kids stuff and football which was very good for me. I didn't have time to wallow and I did have lots of company to build me up and be my personal cheerleaders. I have the best friends ever. One of them took me out and bought me dinner... this Shrimp and Grits is one of my faves locally at Marlow's Tavern. If you can, go there and try it!!

And random other happy happenings caught in my world....

I thank God every day for all the good stuff I have. A job is a job and money is money. I will find another one and make more.

But I still hope the folks that laid me off eat some rank food, have explosive diarrhea and shit their pants in public very soon:)

Because Karma can come in many forms.... Cheers to that!

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  1. Your daughter is just beautiful!! I really hope you have a great and productive day - any company is going to be so lucky to have you!

  2. Thank God for friends in hard times!

    As for assistance, programs exist for a reason - no one should fall through the cracks or go hungry while they're in between jobs and watching the money they do have. No shame.

  3. do what you need to do to get the monies, girlfriend. like steph said, no shame. gov't programs are there for a reason so if you need it, USE IT. wishing you all the best to landing into a great job!

  4. Food stamps, they should be open to single mothers. I know women who use them and it def. helps.

    Those douchebags need to shit their pants and maybe theyd be a little more human now and again. They need to fal off their high horses.

  5. Shitting your pants in public is ALWAYS appropriate revenge!