Weekending and Interview Updates

Monday, December 8, 2014

First of all can I just say... UNCONQUERED!!!!!! I know you guys are probably sick of hearing me talk about my Seminoles of Florida State but I can't help muh self. We are just on a roll, a winning roll and this weekend we took on Georgia Tech for the ACC Championship and of course... we won. They announced the playoff draw yesterday and we are set to face the Oregon Ducks on Jan. 1 in the Rose Bowl... yikes. This is not going to be easy but for some reason I just feel like we will bring it and shove it down the haters throats once again. But for now we are still the only undefeated team left, So suck it.

Next up.... all of my Friday Interviews. They were actually really good. Both were with recruiters so not a ton of pressure but you still want to bring your A game. The first one was actually for a really good position but all the way in town... like possibly and hour and a half commute in traffic. On the plus side it was a hefty increase in salary ( I tried to be cool when that came up but inside I was high fiving my own damn self) and they were willing to offer flex-time. But still... that's a lot of sitting in my car. At both offices the recruiters I met with brought in other recruiters to meet me which I think is always a good sign. The more faces they get you in front of the better. So after several hours of smiling and talking about how awesome I am I got in the car to drive home and got another call from a recruiter that I had spoken with before Thanksgiving. She got me a phone interview with a local firm (like 7 miles from my house) for today at 1:00 so send me some more vibes please!!!! Stay tuned. Thanks for all of the well wishes and thoughts on Friday. I may not have responded to all of you but it made my day and I really felt the love and positive energy. It's not hard to slip and start feeling a lil woe is me when everyone else is getting up and going to work every day except you. But... good things are coming!!! I feel it.

Speaking of good things would ya take a look at this.... my first Christmas present of the season from my very best friend and partner in crime. How much more perfect could it be???

Other than that the weekend was nice and low key. Hangin with the kids, eating and drinking, a little shopping, friends over for  game time, a little more Christmas decorating... I highly recommend the Evan Williams Chocolate Peppermint Egg Nog,  it was like dessert. I posted a photo of my new Orchard Corset on IG yesterday and I have been wearing/"seasoning" it since I got it a few weeks ago. I love it!!! You have to wear it a little at a time until it really molds to your shape and your body gets used to it. I am going to review this at greater length in the future so stay tuned!

How was your weekend?? Spill.....

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  1. Leather leggings and a corest... oh boy.I'll leave it at that...

  2. Ugh... congrats on your win... I guess. :)

    Love the ornament!!

  3. They keep winning, but you must have heart pains every game with how they are squeaking by...but a wins a win! :) that ornament is amazing!

  4. haha...that ornament is all kinds of awesome!
    oh and talk away about rooting for your team. I'm a sports gal too and if your team is doing that good, then preach it! haha

  5. Hope the interview went well!! Being 7 miles from your home sounds damn near perfect, fingers crossed for some good news! What a cute ornament!! I want one :)