Winter Goals 2015

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Taking a page out of Steph's book today and setting some goals for the upcoming season that I will report back on at the beginning of the next season... Spring. But let's just focus on Winter for a moment shall we.

I look at winter as a time to hole up and really focus on myself and some personal goals. My kid activities slow down by design. I don't believe in year round competitive sports unless you are in training for the olympics so my kids take the winter off to just be kids. (If your kid does do this don't get mad... just what works for me.) This allows me much needed down time with them as well as additional hours minutes in the day to focus on me.

It is also the beginning of the new year... fresh start time. Who doesn't like the opportunity to start over and do it better? I for one am grateful every year I get that chance so yes... I continue to make new resolutions and whether I kill them or fail I don't really care as much as the fact that I am still trying to improve.

The blog has kept me more honest with this kind of stuff over the last few years. I want to at least follow through enough to have something to write about for you guys. So here we go again. I want to keep this list kind of short and basic. I will be expanding on parts of it as I go along but at least I'm getting it on paper before the end of this year. So here goes....

1. Health....I want to do the Whole30. This has been on my list and of interest to me for awhile. It goes along with strict Paleo which I have done but never for 30 straight days. No cheat days, no "it's a special occasion" days. No cheating for 30 days straight to feel the effects of the "reset". I know I have a sugar addiction and I do like my alcohol and those will be really tough to give up for 30 days but I really want to do it. Need to. Anyone want to join me??? I am going to create a FB group if I get any takers. Looking at Jan. 2 as my official start date.

I am going to combine this with the 30 Day Detox I received complimentary from Teami Blends for review. I am super excited about this too as I have heard good things and I love my tea so this will be an easy thing to add in for me. If you are interested in giving this one a try I have a discount code for you. Just head over to and enter AMY10 at checkout to recieve 10% off your order! 

2. House related things... I have 2 rooms that since my divorce have become storage/warehousing for piles of shit. When we split up a life time of stuff I just couldn't deal with it so I turned my home office  and  master sitting rooms into storage. I really thought I would have moved long ago but didn't foresee the legal issues holding me here sooooo... I want the rooms as empty as possible by spring. I don't care if it's donate, CraigsList, Ebay... I want all the shit gone. This is big but with a weekly time commitment totally doable. 

3.Do a bucket list thing.... I have one in mind but I am going to keep it to myself for now. But it involves guns and shooting things. I'll just let you chew on that....

4. Take my kids ice skating downtown in Centennial Park.

5. Work out/Move/Lift/Run/Walk/Barre or something 3 times a week... I was doing so good with this for awhile and then... I fell completely off the wagon. Summer bodies are made in the winter folks!!!

Its only 5 because I get overwhelmed easily. Lets just start with this and please feel free to join me in any of this especially setting your own winter goals. It's your life, what do you want out of it for the next few months?


  1. I want to try that Tea, I've heard good things about tea detoxes. Ive been trying just for green tea everyday and my stomach feels better already.

  2. I really want to do a major diet overhaul too - not sure I could do the Whole30 though. The tea thing intrigues me...I'm excited to see how both go for you! Now if only there weren't a million people trying to go back to the gym in January!

  3. oooooh I have been thinking about starting the Whole30. I actually had another Blogger email me asking me about it. I am so down to join it with you!! Let me know what info you need from me!

    Sarah @

  4. These are great goals for the winter - especially since it's so easy to not want to move or be active lol!! Can't wait to see what you think about the whole 30!!! xo, B

  5. Great winter goals!!! I cant wait to see what you think about whole 30 and whether it works or not!

  6. good luck with your goals, especially the whole 30! can't wait to see how you go.

  7. totally doable goals....YOU CAN DO THIS!!

    my goals: fitting more muay thai into my life. for reals, punching and kicking bitches for 2hrs is the best thing ever!!!