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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I discovered this little link up last month and I am  excited to jump in again for January with the lovely ladies over at In Residence and Dearest Love!  So for this month, right now in this moment here is my Currently....


 - Birthday Dinner for Olive my sweet oldest born who turns 16 today. Gah... I feel old. This year, until Mom gets the new gig, it's a low key birthday. We went out and got the ENO she has been coveting last night so she is super stoked. I guess she will be sleeping in trees soon. She does not get this from me. But seriously, all of the kids have these sling hammock things now so wherever they go they have a place to hang out. Literally. We are doing the big dinner in on Thursday for O, the boyfriend and the bestie. They all requested my cooking in lieu of going out... we love to entertain at home anyway. So we are doing cheese fondue for the app and some big steaks, loaded baked potatoes and  ceasar salad for dinner. Tiramisu for dessert... all her faves! Half of this I can't eat ... womp womp.


 - Holidays are over and the recruiters are calling again... Yay! I have 3 interviews this week so here's to hoping one sticks or maybe two. One is a part time free lance gig that I can do now from home on my own time and in addition to a full time job when I land it. This could mean some serious bank for me. Things are kinda falling into place with a few side projects that I have been quietly working on in my recent down time. Trying to reinvent and get more in the direction of where I want to go. Work smarter not harder and make mo dolla dolla bills. Fingers crossed...


 -  Egg muffins. Y'all are going to get sick of all my eggs but what can I do. The Whole30 really does not allow baked goods of any kind which blows but apparently it's a necessary thing when detoxing. I am anxiously awaiting the 30 Day Pie Crust Detox but till then I bake my eggs into muffins. Over the weekend I made Sausage, Broccoli, Salsa muffins and they were deelish.


 - Welp... I'm  a lil fatty arbuckle right now so aside from yoga pants and leggings the choices are limited. The jewelry choices are not and I recently stumbled on a really cool designer Crystals and Casings, that makes Bullet jewelry out of spent shells and crystals. Affordable, unique and kinda sexy cool. Check them out! I got the triple empty casing cause I like things that come in threes. If you follow me on IG you can see me wearing it over there! Next time a crystal for sure.

Crystals & Casings


 - To get thru this month. No cheating. When I do it will be the first time in a very long time that I didn't plan a diet/eating plan with built in cheat days. I am always thinking... I can't possibly get thru this occasion or that  one without drinking alcohol or eating cheat foods. But that's bullshit and we all know it. I can go to a bar and not drink. I can go to a birthday and not eat the cake. It's a choice. I don't know why I am so committed this time. Maybe because it's one thing in my life right now that I have complete control over. Also I feel like if I nail this it's going to create a shift for me that I have been craving for quite some time. More than cake and wine.

What are you currently Planning, Hoping, Baking, Wearing and Resolving?

Happy Humpday B's


  1. yes to clean eating and good decisions. in december, i finally let the leash go just a tad more than in normally do and it felt great! it also felt strange since i never do that and haven't done that since 2011 but now that it's january, i'm back on the 100% clean eating and i'm stoked about it! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! just eat smart...i follow the 90/10 rule: 90% clean, 10% whatever. that 10% won't do a damn thing :)

  2. Oh my gosh, can't even believe you're little one is turning 16!!! I'm so proud of you with how you're doing this whole 30!! Way to go girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. My oldest turns 16 on the 21st. WAHHH!! It's just not possible - makes me feel old womp womp. Good luck with your interviews!!! I can't wait to hear what happens!

  4. I love the egg muffins too! So easy for busy mornings! Keep up the great work on the Whole30!

  5. Umm can you come cook my birthday dinner please? After whole30 of course. Just pinned these egg muffins because YES

  6. The egg muffin is king. I love them and make them most weeks of the year. I'm entering an oatmeal kick now though. Also good.

    Happy birthday to Olive and good luck on your interviews!

  7. very cool post! i love all those hammocks in that first pic, those egg muffins look yummy and those crystals and casings look awesome!

  8. A 16th birthday dinner - how fun! And those egg muffins look great - how handy would they be to pull out in the mornings for my little guy... will have to remember that idea. Good luck with your whole 30 and your interviews - I hope you nail them both and feel great about them - and thanks for linking up!

  9. How's Teami going? I am going to try and make those egg muffins- they look good!

  10. You have a 16 year old? Shizam! How did we get old enough to have teenagers . . . like you, I'm not that old in my head! ;-) And my kids all have ENO's - we use it like a verb around here . . . their friends ask them if they want to go ENO. And I love your determination with the Whole 30 . . . it's not easy so high five to you! And I got the egg muffins on the menu this week . . . need to bust out a batch for my breakfasts!! Get it girl!!

  11. Those muffins look awesome! Never thought to add salsa, what a great idea!

  12. Those muffins look amaze!! I cant believe you have a 16 year old. You look reaaaaally young! kudos!! Also good luck with the interviews :)

  13. The hammock things look like something I would want to use. Looks like fun!

    Fingers crossed for the jobs!

  14. Those egg muffins look really good and healthy! MMM! Happy birthday to Olive!! I hope y'all are having fun celebrating!