Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Time for a little confessing cause it's Wednesday and all. So here goes nothing, totally random confessions actually...

Does anyone else get irrationally excited when they see their food coming in a restaurant? I love when you get that feeling about a person.

Speaking of food anticipation, did I mention that in addition to actually leaving  my home this weekend I am going to go eat out. Like actual food in a actual restaurant. Yes, it's Wednesday and I am already thinking about the possible things I can eat at The Vortex (home of Atlanta's best burger) on Saturday. That right there is the Triple Coronary Bypass and I won't be eating it but I would have one if I saw it coming at me. Yes, that is a triple bacon cheeseburger with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches as the bun. And fried eggs. And fries with their signature "cheesy goo". And then you die.

Facebook can go suck itself. I tried to run a little $5 add for my pretty much non-existent blog FB page cause I was curious. I guess I swear too much because it was rejected 3 times because apparently I violate FB rules in that I use language that is insulting, harassing or threatening to people. So fucking sensitive... sheesh.

I am dying to get on the scale. Literally I want to weigh myself so badly because like everyone trying to lose a few pounds I secretly think I didn't actually lose any. Seriously that has happened before. Not this time though. Even my bras are looser. Yippee!!!

Speaking of fat I am really digging this show... My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC. I am not sure how I feel about how "ok" she is with her fatness but she is super funny and self deprecating and from the south. I am a sucker for reality shows that are about real relatable folks like all of us. But it's a reverse transformation and that makes me uncomfortable. She is trying to lose weight but on last night's episode she was about to make a banana and mayonnaise sandwich until her Dad stopped her. She said this is what we do in the south... ummmm... no, no we don't. Blech.... but still a cute show.

Single tickets go on sale today for the Shaky Boots Festival in Atlanta this coming May. Decisions, decisions about which day to go. But I am going. All day country music festival and guys in trucks. Sign me up. I can only pick one day though ugh... but both look pretty awesome. That will be my official  summer concert series kick off. Please weigh in...

I need two new tires on my truck and I am dreading laying out that cash but I am doing it before Friday. Why are tires so freaking expensive? I really did take for granted the fact that my ex always handled all of the car stuff. I really hate it. Maybe I should call him and thank him. Bahahahahaha... I'd rather bang all the greasy mechanics at the discount tire shop. True confession.

What ya got... tell me something!


  1. Oh hey there....yes, I still comment!
    So, the reality show is messed up. I "suppose" she is relatable in the first two pictures, but her current picture is fucked up. I what you want, but you can't actually be proud and try to push something so ridiculous as "acceptable" to other people. We can't glorify unhealthy like that. All that is glorifying is her giving up on herself. Like...oh boo, I put on some weight, I might as well go off the deep end and then get everyone else to rally with me so I feel less shitty about my decisions. Um, no honey. You are part of the reason my health insurance premiums are so high.
    And....there I go off of my soap box. Happy hump day Amy!!!

  2. Shaky Boots...Day 1 definitely! Blake Shelton AND Dierks Bently...hubba hubba

  3. i'm so confused by that show, lol. banana and mayo? ew.
    i get SO excited when i see my food coming. i guess my husband gave me that feeling too, but seriously the food is the best.

  4. Shaky Boots looks awesome both days, but honestly, I was sold at Blake and Dierks!

  5. There are some fabulous names on that festival list! I'd love to go!

  6. I'm slightly obsessed with My Big Fat Fabulous Life too. I'm with you that it makes me a little uncomfortable that she isn't making major diet changes and such, but the last episode I watched she did go to a trainer. Still, I love her personality and her passion for life - and mostly HER MOM. Her little southern mamma says some of the funniest shit.

  7. I'm not a country fan but I pick Saturday.

    I totally already thought about what I'll be eating Saturday night today. It's okay. LOL

  8. omg that food. it looks yummy but i don't think i could bring myself to eat it!

  9. 1. go with Saturday. I wish I could go! 2. That sandwich is gonna give me a heart attack through the screen. 3. I totally have a quote with a post set up for tomorrow and I swear I wrote it before I read this! Great minds think a like I guess.

  10. Oh girl enjoy your weekend. Those fries and that cheese and bacons burger sandwich thingy ... oh dear how I wish I could eat that right NOW!