Multiple Friday Favorites - It's a Good Thing

Friday, January 16, 2015

Well hey its Friday again and what do you know the long weekend is here! I don't know if everyone gets MLK Day off but we do in GA... the schools that is. So we get an extra day to sleep and hang out an pretend its the weekend on Monday. Yay! Linking up with Amanda for some Friday Favorites fun as usual. This week completely flew by for me and was not too terribly exciting. No interviews, womp womp... better luck next week!


My fave this week is the Multiple by Nars in, of course... Orgasm. I do like the powder blush in Super Orgasm but this lasts forever and you can put it anywhere on your face for a little highlight or pop of color. I use it as a blush in the winter when I am paler and don't need much but also on my brow bone and in the center of my lip. In the summer time its makes you positively glow. Love it! Portable too!


Whole30 Sauces - I know I already blogged a little about this but this week I made some sauces using my mayo as the base. Horseradish Cream and Ranch Dressing were on the menu and definitely keepers. If you are trying to eliminate dairy, processed foods or soy I highly recommend making your own mayo and trying some of the endless things you can do with it!


I am eating a lot of protein right now but I don't always feel like cooking it. Found an Instagram post at one of my fave accounts @cleaneats_cleantreats about the best things to buy at Costco while doing the Whole 30. I will be sharing some more but this one has been a great addition for easy meals any time of day... steak and eggs, steak salad, steak and veggies. Just heat and eat and 3 ingredients... beef, salt & pepper. Can't get much cleaner than that!


First Kiss - Kid Rock - My homie from Michigan can do no wrong for me and here he is with another feel good American anthem that we can all relate to. And also he is so dang sexy. Wife me Bob. I promise I can commit.


30 Day Squat Challenge - We have been thru this, I am horrible at commitment but....I have decided that I can commit to anything for 30 days. I think we all can, so this is next up on my list. What can I say, I want a big ole booty. I want to knock things over with it in a good way. No one likes a flat ass.

squats #happygirlsaretheprettiest


In keeping with what I just said.... and since I am unemployed maybe I should try this one too? Do you have what it takes? They even built in rest days!!!!


Magic Shell - ok just stop it!!! I freaking love this stuff and a small bottle is like eleventy billion dollars and half of it gets stuck in there and won't come out. Fail. I can't wait to try this after my Whole 30 and see if it works. Please God... make it work... for me.

34 Insanely Simple Two-Ingredient Recipes

And....How have I gone my whole life without knowing I could dispense just one tic tac into the flip top? Am I alone here?

You’ve been dispensing Tic Tacs the hard way. | 18 Everyday Products You’ve Been Using Wrong


Fawn print wallpaper, tufted grey velvet headboard and a lucite vanity and ghost chair. I die. Design goals. And dat rug tho.

fawn-print wallpaper + gold / lucite vanity


Kinda makes me miss summer. And really, really, really want to stick to my Whole30. 

Ok... couple things here. Are the trailers in this trailer park all jacked up on some bricks or something and is that a Beamer on the left???? Sweet fall though. 


Who thinks they can hurdle a four foot wide hedge???


The quality of this one sucks but it is by far my favorite this week. Moms get no respect!

I have nightmares about my kids opening up a window in the carwash. Never even thought about a door. Why would you??? Just why?

Happy Weekend Hookers!


  1. Holy crap, that car wash annihilated his door. How dumb do you have to be to open it!?

    I'm intrigued about the whole30, your food always looks fantastic!

  2. omg those gifs!!! and that would have been my daughter jumping on that trampoline as i was trapped under there!!

  3. woah! that car wash!?! (but yes, it is an irrational thought I get too)

  4. um i am totally on board for the napping challenge. that car wash - what an idiot!

  5. I'm going to do a squat challenge next month - because it's only 28 days LOL! I love when you share the gifs of people falling - makes my day and I'll probably fall now! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. The first time i ever saw that tic tac thing I just heavy sighed and shook my head. How have we all gone our entire lives without knowing that? Why wasn't there better marketing for that? haha

  7. That car wash.. something I would probably - but thanks for the heads up - I now will NEVER open my door lol!

  8. Damnit. For some reason my volume is not working. I want to hear that song.

    LOL @ the idiots falling.

  9. Good find with the steak at Costco! People falling will always make me laugh, can't help it!

  10. Love that lip colour and man I need that napping chart! hehe

  11. i've done the magic shell with coconut oil and cho chips. it worked! love nars multiples.

  12. Cracking up about the nap challenge. I am always crankier after a nap so I wouldn't be able to "handle" it!