Random Confessions.....

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Confess sesh today. What ya got?

I confess...I did not hate having half of Nov. and all of Dec. off due to job bull shit. I slept in almost everyday, only scheduled appointments for late morning or after lunch, read books (plural) and loved up my kids. It was glorious.

I confess... I am ready to get back to work. Work work.

I confess... I have a potentially really good but scary opportunity in front of me. Scary good. I hope it works out. Yikes.

I confess... I love the cold weather. I am a freak, I know. Everyone else is bitching and I'm like bring it on. Not below zero though. 

I confess... Ben Howard is coming to The Tabernacle here on the 21st and I am dying to go. I am obsessed with his music and the whole singer/songwriter vibe right now. Kinda dark but hopeful. Do I splurge... music is sooo worth it to me but... uhhhh.... jobless.

If you are not familiar.... he is ah-mazing...

I have to go to a funeral on Friday and I am kind of dreading it. Not as much for the usual reasons. I mean obviously I am crushed,  I am going to cry like a baby because I always do when it's time to say goodbye but, all of my former co-workers and more importantly my former bosses will be there. Mentally I had accepted happily that I would never have to see any of them again unless I chose too. Some of them I would have chosen the "when hell freezes over" option. 

I confess... bananas are my new best friend. They are perfect Whole30 dessert. No sugar makes me miss my occasional sweet treat so bananas it is... with berries, cinnamon, walnuts, unsweetened coconut flakes, almond butter... whatever. A banana salad once a day. My new jam. What do you like with bananas?

I confess... One of my favorite guy friends deployed on Monday to Kuwait for 6 mos. Insert giant sad face. Now I have one in Baghdad and one in Kuwait. So far away and dangerous places. Thank goodness for skype.

I confess... I checked my daughter out of school at 10:15 yesterday. She said her throat kinda hurt. It was also her birthday so like any good Mom I said heck yeah! And she spent the day with me.

Now off to get the groceries for her big birthday dinner tonight. Check in for some faves tomorrow! Can you believe tomorrow is Friday and we are one week into 2015? Sticking to your resolutions?


  1. support taking your kid out from school early on her bday! hope she feels better soon

  2. Totally correct to take your daughter out yesterday. I don't support work or school on birthdays!

    Godspeed & safety to your friends overseas.

    I'm excited for your scary good opportunity. All the luck to you. Time to turn it around!

    Bananas with nutella or almond butter rocks as dessert.

  3. Sorry about the funeral, that is tough on too many levels ):
    I eat 2 bananas a day right now - one in my morning smoothie and one as my preworkout snack. They are so great!

  4. You are totally a freak for liking cold weather. What is wrong with you?!

  5. I love cold weather as well. What I hate is never seeing the sun because by the time I leave in the morning it is just rising and when I head home it is setting. UGH!! :)

  6. Ben Howard is intoxicating. Good luck on your "scary opportunity"!

  7. Fingers crossed for that opportunity! I always get distracted when you post food pictures.. darn it. That banana concoction needs to be made tonight.

  8. Yay!! Hope everything works out with the "potentially really good but scary opportunity" you have in store!!! And good luck with the funeral. Sucks you can't just focus on celebrating that person's life, but you have to worry about them, too.

  9. yay for whatever good opportunity it is. Hope it works out! And Im sure your daughter had a blast with you. Ive never had school on my birthday (August hols) and I dont support it haha Hope she is feeling better :)