Weekending... Ain'ters Gonna Ain't

Monday, January 26, 2015

It's Monday...

Well here we are again on a bright and shiny Monday morning. I had a pretty decent weekend. Quiet again as most have been. I did the hermit thing for the most part which just makes it easier to stay on track with my Whole30/30 Day Detox bidness. All is going well on that front. I currently have exactly 6 days until I complete my challenge. That's it. Saturday will be my last day and I am not sure how I feel about it. Lots of things that I think I will save to talk about tomorrow cause I don't want to bore you on a Monday.

I was busy even though I was busy being a recluse until Sunday. I made it to the farmers market and I must say that Sprouts is my new favorite place. Here are a few things I picked up to try. Since I am not eating any sugar I am always looking for something to trick my mind into thinking it's getting some sort of sweet thing. Caramel cream coffee is doing the trick  with a little unsweetened vanilla almond milk form Califia Farms. It's not really sweet per Se but very satisfying and rich! I highly recommend! Date nut coconut rolls are sweet and definitely like natures candy. I love these things! 3 ingredients... almonds, dates and coconuts. I will say this again, when I see so few ingredients I have to refrain from showing my inner joy in public as I know I almost certainly can have it! And then I tried these Kombucha drinks from Synergy. I am a big Gatorade drinker when I play tennis and since I can't have it I bought these to try and replace that. I normally dilute my sports drinks with about half water so I did the same thing with this. Gotta be honest, when you open it it smells a little like piss. I mean it's fermented tea for God's sake... fermented shit smells weird. But it tastes pretty good cut with water. Not sure if I am interested in spending $2.99 a bottle for raw, organic, fermented tea but it was worth trying. It may just be an acquired taste. I think a little variety right now is really what I am craving most!

Saturday Night I cozied up on the couch to watch The Interview just released on Netflix. Y'all know how much I love James Franco and Seth Rogan and this was their classic schtick. It's not for everyone their weird brand of humor but I loved it. I would recommend if you are in the mood for something stupid funny and light. I love these two.

Unfortunately now I cannot stop quoting my favorite takeaways from the movie like...

And this...  #peanutbutterandjealous

And a cameo of one of my Detroit hometown favorites Mr. Marshall Mathers "outing" himself. I love it when a mega star can completely make fun of themselves.

Speaking of hometown favorites, Jude Angelini aka Rude Jude on Sirius Satellite Radio Shade 45 is going to be in town this weekend doing a book signing/reading at a local bar in Atlanta so I am taking a break from hermitdom to venture out and see him. If I can trick some friends into joining me. He wrote a crazy book last year called Hyena about his life and I am hooked. He grew up not far from me in Detroit and if you like autobiographical writing about sex, drugs and the human condition you might like it. He's pretty cute and he's single and he follows me on Instagram & Twitter so maybe we can grab a drink afterward. Hey Jude Hey!

In other news I rewrote my resume, lost my tennis match (but played well) and tried to hawk some more Girl Scout Cookies. Speaking of that... shameless plug time... if you need some Tagalongs or Thin Mints in your life (and delivered to your door) please feel free to visit my sweet girls cookie website and order here. You can also purchase cookies to send directly to our troops serving overseas which is a great way to give back to our service men and women and tax deductible!!! Isn't she cute?

Have a great week...
'Cause baby, you're a firework
Come on, show 'em what you're worth
Make 'em go, "Aah, aah, ahh"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

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  1. When/Where will you be this weekend in ATL??

    1. Moe's & Joe's in Virginia Highlands is where the reading is on Saturday night. I need to call to verify the deets!

  2. When does cookie time end?

    If tomorrow is a snow day maybe we'll watch The Interview. LOLOL @ motherfucking peanut butter and jealous.

  3. Love when they have few ingredients so you can actually eat them! Score! Ok, didn't that movie just come out? Love the quotes though!

  4. LOL with those movie quotes! HA! And you started off your post with a photo of RDJ so I'm super happy to have stopped him! Oohhh it's cookie time!! YAY!

  5. Might be watching the interview since we will be snowed in tomorrow!! Hope you have a great start to your week! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I have to admit I couldn't finish the movie, but I did laugh at those moments you gifed above! 'peanutbutter and jealous!' a riot especially with Rogan's responses.

    Very cool about the book signing and meetup chance!

  7. peanut butter and jealous! hahahaha i am laughing so hard. clearly i need to watch that movie. meanwhile, look at you go almost done with your whole 30!

  8. Congrats girl on almost being done with you challenge!! I can't wait to hear your full review! Those quotes are hilarious ;-)

  9. Kid you not... The Interview is on right now, hahaha!
    Pete looooove the ginger Kombucha!

  10. those quotes are hilarious! now i must watch that movie!!!!!

  11. Being a hermit does make it better for me to stay on track. You're almost done but my suggestion .. dont venture too far outside of it. Lifestyle now :) Love the quotes!

  12. Stfu, Girl Scout cookies are online?! I haven't had ANY this year and I'm dying.