Weekending & Hibernating Whole30 Style

Monday, January 12, 2015

I really don't feel like I had a weekend. Where did it go? I did not have kids and did not do a whole lot which at this point is a good thing. Doing the Whole30 I just don't want to go out too much and tempt myself to fall off the wagon. So I am in full on hibernation mode. I don't trust myself around drinking people or places that serve wine. No.

Friday I had an interview. I think if I wanted the job I could have it. It's just not exactly what I thought it was going to be in a couple of different aspects. I need to sit down today and crunch the numbers to see if I could make it work and if it's a worthwhile direction to go in. I want to be thrilled and excited about the next opportunity and this makes me say "meh". I don't know if I can do "meh" again. Luckily I am still not at the point where I have to take just any offer so I will think on it. Hope fully this week will bring a few more!

Friday night I attended the funeral of a dear friend who passed away on New Years Eve. It was sad but a very beautiful tribute to a man that was loved by many. I am glad I was there. It was awkward for me to be around all of my former co-workers and ex-bosses. Some people were really friendly, others barely looked at me. The company ass kissers. The funniest thing was that a couple of people commented on how great I looked, like they were expecting me to be an unemployed hot mess or something. Sorry to disappoint haters! Not still bitter I swear. Maybe just a little.

On a lighter note I have a giveaway for ya today. Remember way back last summer when I was part of that group of bloggers wearing a tank and talking abut fitness? You can read about it here if you don't. Well anyway that bish (the tank) went all over the country, got signed by everyone and now we are giving it away to one lucky reader. Check it out.... it's a super cute tank full of motivational fitness inspiration!

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Also I made a few good Whole30 recipes too. This was my fave.... I just made it up.

Almond Apple Chicken Salad  Lettuce Wraps

2 cans of chunk white chicken breast  (this is just easy to keep on hand for salads and casseroles in a pinch)
Whole30 Mayo (Yes you could use your own but I can't, if you want to make real myo with no chemicals and sugar in it check it out here.)
1 small granny smith apple peeled & diced
A handful of raosted almonds chopped
1/2 tsp of dried tarragon ( or fresh if you have)
Salt & Pepper
Shredded Carrot
Lettuce leaves

Drain the chicken and shred it. Add mayo a little at a time to the consistency that you like it. I like it on the drier side. Crumble your tarragon in and add the salt and pepper. Fold in your apples and almonds. Mix well. Let it sit for an hour in the fridge for better flavor. When you are ready scoop into your lettuce leaves and top with shredded carrot. Roll up and enjoy. These were so good. You could do grapes and pecans or anything really. I just used what I had.


Whole 30 Mayo - This came out really well and now I have a nice jar to keep in my fridge for other stuff. Perfect for all the deviled egg varieties I plan on making this week! Follow the link for exact instructions and measurements.

And a few other random things... like all I eat is breakfast it seems and of course all the proteins. My beautiful dog watching TV,  my roaring fire and a great find at Costco... 6 new fluffy hotel style towels for twenty bucks. My towels are old and thin so I was in dire need. Love fresh white fluffy towels.

Not a super exciting weekend but staying on track and focused. This weeks challenge getting back to adding some exercise several times a week. And its supposed to rain all week so looks like indoor activities. And guess what? This is MLK  weekend so we are coming up on a 3 day extended weekend. Booyah!!!! Maybe we'll get some snow!

How was your weekend?

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  1. i'm sorry for your loss. i can't believe people acted that way at a funeral- how disgusting.

  2. Those chicken salad wraps look so good - this whole 30 is great for me too since you're giving me so many great ideas for meals!! Have a great Monday girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Mmmmm I'm going to have to try those chicken wraps!

  4. Good for you! I've been eating pretty clean in support of MFD's diet all last week and this weekend. Last night watching the Globes I ate Doritos and candy. I woke up feeling like total shit. You really are what you eat.

    I'm glad you went to the funeral to honor your friend despite the douchery that would also be present. It's always awesome to be the bigger person. Even when it hurts.

  5. Glad the funeral went "well". You know, considering. And definitely going to be trying out that Whole30 mayo. We buy light mayo but I still always feel guilty eating it. And although i put tuna and chicken salad on lettuce in a salad I never thought of doing a wrap. Genius!! Copying that next week. Fo Sho.

  6. If you are just meh about the job then I would say you should for sure pass. I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to find something that you think you could love. That is if you are ok financially of course, which it sounded like you are. Look at you making your own mayo!! so cool!

  7. Ahh Im sorry for your loss :(

    As for the job, if you aren't feeling it then don't do it. Something will come about :)

  8. go with your gut - if the job isn't doing it for you, then it likely will never do it for you. i had to do a double take on that mayo!

  9. your dog looks so regal!! i love it. sorry to hear about your loss. i have been hiding out too. i don't make good choices eating out!