#HashtagHumpday Confessions and Musings

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday work procrastination. #lettering #handlettering #script by Matthew Tapia
Linking up with Lolo & Lauren for a little #hashtaghumpday and confessional.... So here we are again and my "weekend" continues. Yes, my kids schools are closed again today due to the ice storm and it is currently snowing (tiny shitty snow) as I type this. Snow and ice in GA create havoc. But the ice got us this time with downed trees, branches and power lines all over the damn place. This was right down the road from me. #icestorm2015

Thousands still without power

I think we are still out of school because some unlucky folks do not have power yet. Mine was off for about 8 hours between Monday night and Tuesday morning. Not bad at all since we decided to go to bed early rather than stay up and be bored looking at each other by candle light. #thefirststepisadmittingyouarepowerless 

So let's get to a few confessions....

I am officially down 24.5 lbs. since January 2 and I am super excited. That's 4.5 more since my Whole 30 ended. As expected the weight loss has slowed but that is fine by me. #iamwhole30

I really want to have a cheat food but I am struggling with why and what. So I really have not. I have re-introduced alcohol on the weekends only in moderation... wine and beer, and a sprinkling of cheese on my eggs in the morning twice. Other than that I had one small cookie and that's it for cheating. I was making the kids breakfast yesterday and absentmindedly ate a corner of toast that fell off onto the cutting board and immediately spit it in the sink when I realized.  My kids were all "Mom what's wrong?" and all I could say was "bread bad". And then I laughed. #breadisnotmyfriend

But it's true, I am scared to eat too far off my program. Like a grilled cheese might set me back to the old eating patterns and I'll be somehow out of control again. But just for the record I would kill for a fucking grilled cheese sandwich. I am pretty sure either that or pizza will be my "it" food. #grilledcheesepartyinmymouth #pizza4life

I've been doing a couple of things on the side  (don't worry all legal) to make extra $$ and although I am soooo grateful that they are actually generating a little cash I am also pissed off that I didn't do them sooner. Like when I was working this would have been extra fun money for fun Amy things... like a weekend in the mountains with the kids or concerts and tattoos and new bags. Dammit. 
#goandhandleyourbiz #moneymoneymoney

This makes me think I haven't been working nearly hard enough. #ineedmorejobs

I  finally spoke to an attorney about my legal issues... dun dun dunnnnn. Not to say too much here but errybody that knows me know ex-douchebag has been in contempt of court since the minute our divorce was final sooooo, I have to do something soon. And I am completely 100% terrified. How can I be so afraid of even having a conversation with someone I once thought was my whole world? #icanttalktoyou #buticantkillyoueither 

Speaking of lawyers, I called 3. The first helped me during my divorce at a big firm and is now out on her own. She emailed me back the first time and did not respond to any of my subsequent emails or phone calls. The second one, who came highly recommended from a good friend and repped one of the RHOA during a grandparent  custody thing... office phone goes straight to voicemail and cell phone voice mail box is full. I left a message last week, she has never called me back. The third one actually answered her phone and spoke to me. And her pic on her website looks nice. I'm going with her. Where in the hell did common courtesy go? I don't believe you people are that busy that you can't return a call or shoot me an email. But fuck off anyway, now I have negative things to say about you should anyone ask. And people do ask. #yadonefuckedup

And finally I confess I cancelled an interview for today because the company had no connections on their Linked In profile. Zero. Also their FB and Twitter accounts are full of quotes and bullshit articles from business publications about how to do the business they are in. Nothing from them. Sorry, not driving 29 miles and wasting half a day when it just seems like a bullshit sales job of some sort. When I called to cancel the girl cautioned me that the position would not be available tomorrow. Ummm, yeah I think I'll be ok. Bye. #getyourshittogether

And that's all I have to say about that. What you got to confess?

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo


  1. Hahahahaha the spitting out the toast killed me. Bread is bad damnit. Why does it have to be? Why can't it be more friendly? Good for you on sticking with it though! I'm glad you guys got your power back and are surviving the ice storm. Meanwhile up in the frozen tundra of Idaho it's 50 and sunny.... I feel like there's something not right here...

  2. as always. I lvoed all of this.

    When my ex-husband and I got divorced it was a mess (none of them are happy or easy I guess). He turned into this Super Douche person I didn't even know anymore. It got bad and I started becoming afraid of any communication with him. It was just yuck. We've been divorced almost 13 years and I still hate talking to him. I'm not afraid of him anymore but I still hate it...

  3. You're hastags though! Hilarious! Congrats on the weight loss! I wouldn't go either, that is a sign of a mismanaged company!

  4. LOL i did the same thing today too - absent-mindedly put a piece of K's bagel in my mouth and then spit it back out. she gave her own bagel the side-eye when i put it down in front of her hahahahah!

  5. We don't use our FB page a lot and we['re a good company. But hearing the position won't be available tomorrow? Yeah, no.

    I'm glad you contacted a lawyer and that one out of three doesn't have their head up their fucking ass.

    Do share! What's your side work?

  6. Congrats on your side work girl - that's amazing as is your continued weight loss!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  7. Congrats on 24 plus pounds. Thats really good. Im down 15 and Im excited so when I reach 24 I might be running about butt naked. I really love to hear when people are doing good in their weight loss goals. Gives me the happies! Yay for side jobs and extra cash You go girl.

  8. Why does bread have to taste so good? Seriously. It's a gift and a curse.

  9. Bread is evil.
    Tastes heavenly while warm, and perfect even cooled....but so bad at the same time.
    *sensitive gut here???so when I cheat, my consequence is not only mental setbacks but physical pain. I still do it on occasion because I'm human and still haven't conquered that whole emotional eating thing. Ha

    Congrats on the loss!! Since you first shared your Whole30 results and info I've thought about it for March.