Friday Faves

Friday, March 20, 2015

Well here we are again for some Friday Faves with the lovely Amanda. I am so ready for the weekend. Kid free, all Amy and maybe a few other people... actually I have the teenager too because Driver's Ed... and twatwaffle can't be trusted to get her there since it's during normal waking hours. But that is what I am here for:) So let's get to it shall we?


So someday soon I will be going back to work outside of my home and I am one of those women that carries a tote with every mother lovin thing in it to work with her... just in case. These are from Six Pack Bags and they are really designed for professional fitness types but they have a place for all your foods. There is  a cooler compartment and containers for meals and snacks and anything you might need to stay on your program. How cool is that? This is the top of the line version and a little pricey but I love it! It's  basically a fancy lunchbox with room for your lap top.

Want Want Want the new 6 pack bag...LOVE the one I have but this would be amazing for me!


In love with this song and even more so now that I watched the video. I think the underlying theme is let your freak flag fly and you know I am all about that.


I really want a deer tattoo at some point because that's why and I also really want a thigh piece. I think this is amazing. 

So gorgeous. I will have a deer somewhere.


So here's a new favorites category for me with pics by popular demand. I couldn't go all in but here's a little peek ( for those of you that asked) ... by all means get your freak on people of the online dating world and just feel free to say whatever crosses your weird ass mind! If you know this man please offer him some sage advice. He started off with your run of the mill compliment and as you can see it escalated quickly. I give you ... The Tattoo Licker...


Brownie Points California Red Blend... at $8.00 a bottle this is a gem. It's rich and smooth and has a hint of mocha at the end. I am really digging on this one!


Do you ever see something and just think I must have it and it will stay in my closet forever? Enter Gold Sequin Jacket... only I can't find it. And I won't wear it with super short cut offs, but I want it. Seriously, my Grandmother could have worn this piece! Still so chic, I want. 


How did I not even know this was a phrase? I especially like the example...

A time-honored tradition of thinking things through while drinking a beverage.
You're psycho so there's no point in us meeting to drink things through.


My summer concert series is shaping up quite nicely with the addition of Zac Brown Band tickets yesterday through a secret pre-sale!!! Y'all... nothing gives me more pleasure than putting things on my calendar that feed my soul like live music. Of all the things I stopped doing because my ex didn't like them, concerts were one that I missed terribly!!! I am a dork but this makes me stupid happy!

And some funny stuff lastly but not leastly...

I think the theme this week should be stupid guy things...

I will run across your junk and... (please look at the guy faces)

Fox TV animated GIF

This always seems like such a "fun Dad" thing to do until kid meets wall. 

fail animated GIF

This is actually something my ex would do... geyser... what geyser?

fail animated GIF

Why would you ever attempt to let your friend tee off from your manhood?

Toaster 101

Playing catch with logs on a frozen pond... brilliant.


This chick most certainly listened to the guy... "try it, it'll be fun"  he said...

I hope you all have  wonderful weekend!


  1. That wine sounds delightful. Smooth plus a hint of mocha?! Sounds like a win in my book!

  2. OMG, What idiots! I needed a dose of stupidity blowing up in someones face this morning.. karma and all.

  3. i swear, guys do the dumbest shit sometimes. i asked my husband why guys do dumb things and he wasn't sure why.....that it just "needs to be tested" in order for them to realize it was stupid to begin with. WTF. no wonder they have a shorter life expectancy.

  4. YESSSSSSSSSSS! You must post the POF Freak of the Week EVERY WEEK! I am obsessed with this!

  5. Get out of here - you can pack your lunch inside the tote - i'm obsessed! Your funnies always have me a little concerned with the human race LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. STOP I JUST LAUGHED OUT LOUD AT MY DESK at that POF . omg omggg. I think the best part is your response to all of it.. "what?"

  7. Tattoo licker. Huh?! Guys are why there is warning labels on everything!

  8. As always, I love the images of people falling.

    I am laughing my ass off at your "What?"


  9. Ummm that bag is genius! "Its important for you to know that I know normal isnt normal." ... what the actual fuck.

  10. lmao @ the tattoo licker... what is WRONG with people?!