Thursday Thirteen

Thursday, March 5, 2015

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13 Things On My Mind

ONE - How do I sleep in the same spot and basic position every night but one day wake up with a kink in my neck?

TWO - Last night I played tennis and it was 74 degrees. Tonight at the same time it will be 33 degrees. WTF

THREE - If I get enough small jobs can that make up for one big job?

FOUR - How do people commute for an hour or more every day? One way... ugh

FIVE - Why can I not get my ass in gear and get back on a regular workout schedule? My eating is on point though.

SIX - How do you decide to be a porn star? I mean really, how do you get there?

SEVEN - I am buying summer concert tickets even though I have no job. And want to see like 3 more shows. YOLO or just dumb?

EIGHT - I am starting to miss dating. You know what that means for you... adventures in online dating might be making a return soon.

NINE - Why don't all employers schedule phone/skype interviews first? Driving all over town when you are not a match is a fucking waste of my time. Get with the times people!!!

TEN - Wine is just glorious.

ELEVEN - I look ahead in my calendar and see what my weight will be in the future if I keep losing 2 pounds a week and then plan what I could be wearing  this summer. I do.

TWELVE - If I make a Thursday Thirteen link up would anyone join me? Not every week. Maybe I will or maybe not.

THIRTEEN - Why did Dunkin Donuts start making Cronuts? Is that really necessary guys? Putting two of my favorite things together? It's not right. Just stop it.

What's on your mind today?


  1. i think your motivation is a groupon away (krav maga). maybe you just need a change in workout type? that's what i needed.... muay thai totally injected new zest into my fitness and now i'm all about exercise.

  2. Dont get excited about that cronut...not good and soo not worth the effort....

    1. Really? Thanks for the tip! I'd rather a Chick-fil-A biscuit anyway if I am gonna splurge!

  3. Yolo about the concerts! Life is too short! Enjoy!

  4. I'm with Pamela - enjoy life now!!! :) xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Cronuts are not my thing. I don't get the hype. I'd rather eat a croissant or a donut.

    I used to ask the commuting question before I did it. I went from a five minute commute door to door to an hour. Over six years later, I'm still doing it. I just assimilated it into my day. It took adjustments and rethinking what I do when and how I use my time, but it's manageable.

  6. I'm dreaming of summer concerts too and want to buy ALL THE TICKETS. One of the concerts I really want to go to is basically during the Fair I work at though so I can go. Ugh. Yolo for sure. Also HOW does someone decide to become a porn star? Or a stripper? Really? What clicks in a girl's brain to do that?

  7. It looks like you're still living life and not turning into a zombie. I'm so proud of you for staying strong and doing what you want/need so I say YOLO. You cant take money with you when you go.

  8. I live under a rock . . . I've never heard of a cronut but I'd try it for sure . . . for the sake of science. And I think a Thursday Thirteen is a cool idea - I'd link up . . . when I make time to blog!

  9. I do the hour commute one way and I hate it but such is life. You get used to it. Yes, to the concerts. Yolo!

  10. My commute would be 25 minutes without traffic but I take over an hour every day to get to work. As Kerry says, you get used to it! Cronuts sound ridiculously delicious.

  11. Don't try the cronuts. They are super good and addicting!