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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Man, I really be chilling. Don't let too much get to me. But when shit does get to me... oh boy, haha.

for real tho

Time for a few confessions up in here today. Is it really Wednesday already? My week is plugging along quite nicely thank you very much,  so let's get right down to bidness shall we?

I confess.... My daughter got her drivers license yesterday. Someone I gave birth to is now driving my car... I am surprisingly pretty ok with it too. WTF. I hitched a ride to tennis practice last night and she took my car and her sister and brother and went to the grocery store for me. I needed a small list of things and I didn't have to go and get them myself. How sweet is that? She did however manage to "forget" toilet paper so a special trip back to the store was needed. I let her go and didn't say anything... because I'm cool like that. Yeah... forgot my ass #iwassixteenonce 

As I was walking out of work yesterday I was behind a girl whose black dress kept flipping around revealing her white Spanx. Part of me wanted to tell her but the other part of me smirked because the dress was clearly too short for work. I didn't tell her and I was good... I didn't quite have time to snap chat it. I did not need to see that. #spanxyouverymuch

I confess... I really, really love my new job. I feel like the other shoe is going to drop it's too perfect. I'm not super busy yet (not perfect) but everyone is just so freaking nice. People keep telling me I am working for one of the nicest guys in the Atlanta office and I am absolutely doing the inner happy dance because I feel so incredibly lucky. How did this happen? I am starting to feel hopeful...maybe I can fix the rest of my life too...#lizlemonismyspiritanimal

I haven't stepped on the scale in weeks because I am just focused on other stuff right now and losing more weight has taken a back seat. Or has it? I have been pretty damn on point with food 90% of the time (not counting alcohol) and my clothes are still feeling great, loose even. Except for this one effing pair of jeans... still tight.So it's possible that I still could be losing but...I need to get on the scale and face it. Time to hit it hard again. I don't really think you should focus on the number too much but maybe once a month  is a gut check. And I really don't care what the number is I am not giving up my wine...yet #bettydraperwouldbeproud

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Happy Humpday!


  1. the scale is a lying whore; never trust that bitch. as long as your clothes are feeling good/loose (except those one jeans - damn them), then all is good.

  2. I'm so glad your new job is worki out perfectly ! You waited a while for this and you deserve it! Take a deep breath and enjoy it!

  3. I am so pleased for you that your new job is going well!

  4. So glad you are loving the new job and so sad you didn't have time to snapchat the spanx. I think I've said it before, but fashion faux paw snapchats are my fav! Send them my way! Also, I can totally relate to your daughter driving thing. As soon as I was able I was like a car service for my parents and to drive my sister around. I mean that's the perk of having kids that age right?

  5. So glad the new job is working out! Who wants to give up wine?

  6. I'm sure if I gave up the Jager, I'd lose some weight too. Don't see that happening though.
    Glad that the new job is going well! I have two kids with a driver's license and one will soon. It's pretty scary at first, that's for sure.

  7. If your spanx is showing at work ... you skirt might be tooo short. How crazy that you have a daughter who drives. you look so young!!!