Humpday Confessions of the New Girl

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

So it's already hump day of my first official week back to work so what else am I going to talk about but going back to work?  Remember what it's like to be the new girl? Well let me tell you...
It starts with a million and one awkward introductions:  Nice to meet you, happy to be here, blah bah blah.... ugh.
Hi... I'm new.

I confess I met a gozillion people on Monday and I remembered two names. maybe three. Thank God everyone's name is on the outside of their cube/office as you walk by because except for Cindy who showed me the office supply room and invited me to help myself I remember no one.

I also totally lucked out and not only did I get a huge cube like easily twice the size of my old one and bigger than the other newbie got, it's like 2 doors down diagonally from the break room . Hello coffee, tea, water and perfectly crushed ice from the ice dispenser all the live long day and not having to walk two miles because lazy.

I picked my stall on day one  (you know you do this too) and I'll be damned if every time I went into the ladies room it was empty. Yippee.  And then as soon as I closed the door to "my stall" someone came in... dead silent and all stealth like so you could hear a pin drop between two people trying to pee. Not. Good.

I work in a fairly large office in a big building so not only do I see lots of co-workers but people from various other companies in the building as well. Once again, what some folks consider business casual is insane. And could pass for night club attire. I am sorry I have already judged you. Neon stilettos are not business casual. 

jennifer aniston AND gif Imgur horrible bosses 2 hot

I am already scoping out my snap chat opportunities. I had some good ones on the reg at my last office. Unfortunately for my snap chat pals I don't think there are any sleepers in this place. Oh and speaking of the guy at my old job who slept at his desk... yeah he's still working there. Not affected by the RIF... don't even get me started.

Happy Humpday!


  1. i have my stall too (glad i'm not the only one who does this!) but bitches feel no way and take the stall RIGHT NEXT TO ME even though there are 4 other stalls AND another side completely empty wtf.

  2. You are too funny! I also have "my stall", lol. Unfortunately for me the kitchen and bathroom at my job is ALL THE WAY on the other side of the World so whenever I need something I wait until I am going to die of thirst or pee my pants in order to go. I am so jealous of your proximity to the break room! Enjoy your new job!

  3. I have a favorite stall as well and YES on the work attire. I work in a huge building and the outfits range from are you seriously in sweats to um I can see your booty!!

  4. I totally have a stall and it depends in which bathroom I use. Some people I have straight up asked if they were going out dancing later because they looked ridiculous at work.

  5. So glad it's going well and it's easy to forget these kinds of things when you're not in an office. Good times!

  6. Now it's time to decorate that big cubicle space!

  7. We seem to have the opposite problem at the school; some teachers seem to come to work in their pajamas!

  8. hahaha yes. My stall is the first stall.

    Good lord what I see people wearing on the way to work is insane.

  9. hahahaha I'm so glad I'm not the only one with "my stall." I can't wait for some of these snapchats. Please send awful office attire for the win! Hope you are loving it!