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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

From awesome blogger The Crescat, a Lego Confessional

Confession time up in hee-yahhh... so tell me what you got! Here's mine...

So I talked about getting on the scale I think last week here and I finally did it this weekend. I don't weigh in often but every once in awhile just to see what I already know to be true. Cause really... you always know what the number is roughly before you even look! And I was pleasantly surprised,  kinda... because it was a +3 lb. difference since the last time I weighed in. Now you might be wondering why a gain would be pleasant but honestly I consider 3 lbs more of a daily/weekly fluctuation than a gain. Even if it is a true fat gain it's not significant enough for me to get twisted about. Clothes still feel great so who cares... #boomclapthesoundofmythighsthispizzassogoodnomnomnomnomnom

Which brings me to this little confession...

My sweet tooth is getting out of control again and I need to do another Whole30 to go balls to the wall and reset. Actually I want to. I need to just put it on the calendar. I am stuck in the mindset of needing the perfect 30 days with no serious temptations popping up like concerts, cookouts, Friday evenings at the pool. Yeah, might be putting that off a little longer. January really is the best time for hard core dieting. #iateasleeveofthinmintsfromthefreezer #notproud #butdidyoudie #nope

I seem to be back in the mode where I have a plethora of gentleman friends just to talk to. I've been on 2 dates this year and I could really care less. This seems to be a bit of a recurring theme here. I guess I feel like I should try to be dating or at least meeting people because if I don't I feel like a quitter. Seriously though, the quality in the online dating pool is just not up to my standards here lately. #ivealwayswantedamotorhome #ifthehouseisarockindontcomeaknockin


Yasss hun, I'm sure you are. 

I'm getting my hair cut on Saturday for the first time in ... dun dun dunnnnn ... a year. Clearly I haven't much cared about that in awhile either. I just want to spend what little money I have on other  frivolous things. Like T-shirts that say bad words and tattoos. But I'm gonna bite the bullet and get my long layers back. I am thinking I will follow up with color appointment in a few weeks for something like this... #timeforachange #changeisahead

17 Amazing Long Straight Hairstyles for Women | Pretty Designs

I have the most limited work wardrobe on the planet, or maybe I am just cheap and boring when it comes to work. I saw someone in my building yesterday in a legit summer party dress and heels. I just can't. My office is biz casual and some people do dress up a little more but I just want to be comfy. Plus I have to hoof it across a long parking lot on my way in every day and the thought of doing that in heels, skirts, dresses... no thanks because pants and flats and lazy wins every time. I never thought I would be one of those women who brings her cute shoes and changes into them at her desk but it's here coming. #bitchimightbe

Ok, maybe not this bad. #isthisevenawoman

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  1. Girl, after commuting to the city for fifteen years you can bet your ass I did some fashion no-no's. I would schlep to work in Crocs and change to my heels. This saves my shoes and my attitude, quite frankly. Sore feet put me in a funk. In the winter? Lord help whoever looked at me. Big ass coat, SNOW PANTS, boots, hat, gloves....WHATEVER it took to stay warm. Ain't no shame in my game.
    Do you, boo.

  2. You're hashtags are SO on point today! I dont know if that is even a woman. Very manish face happening there! LMAO!

  3. No, that can't be a woman.
    And call me lazy, but I've adopted the flats and black pants with different blouses uniform lately. I've got to step it up for some interviews and impressions but I don't like the idea of putting anymore time into than I already do.

    Go for the RED!!! I miss mine!

  4. I've been on a eat all the sugar kick lately. Usually we only have sweets a few times a week but lately I've NEEDED dessert every night :( I've got to get out of the habit. I blame this a little on letting the husband go grocery shopping and him bringing home ice cream two weeks in a row.

  5. OMG don't be that woman/man in the sneaks it is just too much. Just wear flats.

  6. I walk around the city in sneakers and whatever I'm wearing at work - dress included. Most people I commute with do too. The flats if they're true flats are not doing anything for my feet and I've already had to go to a freaking podiatrist like an elderly person so I'm not fucking around.

    That hair color dould look awesome on you.

  7. i have given up on dating. it's just the worst lately. and also that lego picture made me crack up.

  8. I commute by train to work, and usually wear sneakers or flats. I literally have a collection of "work shoes" (heels) under my desk that I change into immediately after getting to work- brown, black, navy, and I think khaki? I don't even know. But I'm not about to trade comfort for beauty, especially when it comes to footwear!

  9. That first hashtag!!! Hahaha. love it!! And love that color!! I had my hair like that last year and I loved it! Can't wait to go back once I get a little tan. haha.