Music Festival Weekending...

Monday, May 18, 2015

Can't believe it's Monday already, where do the weekends go? I had a great one with one jam packed day and some relax time too. First off I went to my first country music festival with one of my best friends... Shaky Boots and it was freaking awesome! The music was amazing, the weather was perfectly hot and sunny and the people watching and atmosphere were the epitome of life in the south! 

Blake Shelton put on a show stopping live performance. I love when artists really stop and talk, connect with the crowd and make it fun. He was funny and charming and just comes across as adorable and super sexy. I'll take him.

My other favorite performance was Dwight Yoakam. Talk about sexy still, and with the voice and moves to go with it. If you are a lover of classic country and old school honky tonk and you ever get the chance, go see him. The vibe at his show was the most energetic of the entire day which kind of caught us by surprise. People were singing along and dancing like crazy.  He stopped and chatted with the crowd too a little which was cool but mostly he motored through song after song so we could all hear as many of his hits as possible in a short amount of time... much appreciated and yes he wore rhinestones and the trademark painted on jeans and big ole hat!

I lucked out and pulled into a random parking lot right across from the venue where much to my surprise I ran into the guy who used to sit next to me and sleep at my old job. Remember him snap chat buddies? He was working his second job at an ice rink literally across the street and even though the lot was full he hooked me up with a spot up on a curb in the grass... literally steps from the main gate... FO FREEEEE!!!! Serious VIP parking does not suck.

That's really about all I did this weekend that was blog worthy. Sunday was some shopping, laundry, a quick beer and nachos with the bestie and rain. Hating that for all the folks at the festival on Sunday but so glad it wasn't me!!! We had a great time and I am so glad that I bought that ticket months ago in January when I was sitting at home, unemployed, depressed thinking things in my life were really sucking. At the time I thought I have no business doing this but I did it anyway, hoping that things would be better come May and guess what? I am so glad I did because they are. Everything happens the way it's supposed to and you can't stop living. Cheers to a great week all!!!

Just gonna dump the rest of the pics on ya here.

Someone got up and picked up their blanket and left and we got a primo spot on the lawn pretty close to the main stage. It was hot as balls and we were sweating our asses off right here!!! The Band Perry, Dwight Yoakam and Blake Shelton in this pic... it was too dark to get a good pic of Blake but you can see how hot he looks in the one up above.

Men's fashion was really on point at Shaky Boots... never seen purple camo before. I did enjoy the shirtless beefcakes though. It was really too hot to be wearing jeans but luckily you can always take your shirt off at a country fest, totally appropriate. And then the fashion dads... love them.

We really had a great spot on the lawn, except for the couple over my friend's shoulder who were making out for half the night. They finally left to go get a room. There was also a drone with green "eyes" looming over head all night freaking me the fuck out. Why are they there? Who is watching us? Don't get me started. You know your friendship is real when you take turns holding beers outside the porta potties even though you both have to go.

And that's a wrap on that weekend in my summer concert series. Next up Lynyrd Skynyrd, Travis Tritt & Blackberry Smoke in a few weeks at Crockfest!

How was your weekend?

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  1. LOL shirtless beefcakes. i learned a new term today.

  2. Sounds like so much fun!!! I seriously adore Blake and I'm sure he's just the best live!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Oh my gosh what a blast!!! I am so jealous. Love me some Blake and that pic with those boots, well I want them all!! Lol!! So much fun for such a sweet girl. Here's hoping your Monday is simp,y marvelous!!!

  4. SOunds like an awesome concert. Would love to see Blake. The boots look fabulous!

  5. amazing concert, love all the boots, and SO glad you caught the men's fashion on camera hahahaha

  6. The boot picture is fabulous. I'm still so very jealous of this music fest! I agree with you on Mr. Shelton - so, so good in person! He really does talk to the audience and connect. And so funny on the men's fashion! Typically country concert!

  7. Music fests for the win! It's my favorite part of summer. And omg that parking spot...WINNING. Oh and those dad pics are hilarious.