Where I'm From

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I read this post that Steph wrote awhile back and I pretty much knew I had to do it at some point. I am not sure mine is anything like the original or even hers but that's not really the point. I love talking about my life now and all the fun things that I am doing lately but I also think a lot about where I came from and how it affects the way I am today. I love where I came from and all the memories I carry with me every day...

I'm from Eastern European strong stock... Polish, Lithuanian and Serbian immigrants that worked hard for everything they had.

I am from The D, Motown, The Motor City... Detroit.... where the smell of gasoline and the sound of a muscle car are part of growing up.

I am from kitchens where women gather to cook together and the feeling of family, love and warmth wraps you up and just makes you feel like you are home no matter who's house it is

I am from a neighborhood where we all grew up together and went pool hopping on hot summer nights.

I am from Catholic school, pleated plaid skirts, communion wafers and old school confessionals.

I am from the state where lakes are not like lakes but like oceans... with fresh water and no sharks. Lakes where you can't see the other side... at all.

I am from summer carnivals and outdoor concerts on the Detroit river facing Canada.

I am from crossing the border to Windsor via the tunnel under the Detroit River to go bar hopping because the drinking age was 19.

I am from field trips to Cedar Point and dancing on the Boblo Boat.

I am from Grandmother's who made home made pierogi, baklava, chrusciki, stuffed cabbage and a million other things from scratch with recipes in their heads.

I am from Nuns who scared the crap out of you.

I am from Octopi sliding across the ice at The Joe and getting scooped up by the ref with a shovel.

I am from skiiing up north in the winter and trudging through the golf course to shovel off the pond and ice skate on it.

I am from all girl and all boy Catholic high schools.

I am from Shots and Beers and saying na sdrowie or "nasdrovia" instead of cheers.

I am from growing up at swim meets and the smell of wintergreen and baby oil.

I am from big weddings with open bars, endless buffets, the chicken dance and kiss after kiss after kiss at the sound of forks clinking on water glasses.

I am from college football at The Big House and Lions football in the Silverdome.

I am from Tiger Baseball and the 1984 world series when everyone just went out and drove around and celebrated before the riots started downtown...

I am from men who served in all of the wars of this country, this world and the last 4 generations.

I am from parents who have been married for 46 years this month.

I could go on and on with this post but that's just a little about where I am from for today, a nice trip down memory lane for me.

There is no place like home.