Weekending with Luke, Randy & Dustin

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey there! It's Monday again here so time for a little recapping of the weekend festivities.  It was another fun one and I need to lay low for awhile I think. I'm tired. Friday night was low key a couple beers at happy hour and then home. A few friends, wine and cheese on the deck, pre-season Falcons football and not a single picture to prove it. Whoops! I came home to an amazon package, always a good thing... the new Paleo Cookbook from my favorite Paleo author, blogger & chef Juli Bauer. I cannot wait to start cooking some of the awesome recipes in it! Stay tuned for that!

This weekend wrapped up my summer concert series with Luke Bryan and friends. Another. Great. Show. Either I have lucked out and seen one awesome show after another or I am just super easy to please when it comes to live music and concerts. This is likely true but either way the concert was awesome. Go see him! Always a great performance of his music and a few great covers too like Maroon 5's Sugar and Sam Smith's Stay With Me. I love hearing artists do other artists music that are a totally different genre. Dustin, Randy and Luke can pull off some Maroon 5. This is from another show but check it out...

I know everyone makes fun of him but I don't care, I still think Luke Bryan is sexy as hell and puts on a great show haters.

Singing one of my favorite Songs... Drink a Beer... a tribute to the brother and sister that he lost tragically. He always sits on the edge of a pier that they put on the stage and the arena is dark except for the lighters... and everyone sings along. Possibly the coolest sad song ever.

So that was Saturday night and the rest of the weekend was pretty much relaxing, laundry and Netflix. Finally made it to Dana's death in The L Word and I cried like a baby. There was also food for days starting on Thursday nights annual co-b-day celebration with old friends. Eclipse di Luna for Tapas and Cafe Intermezzo fro dessert... Atlanta favorites! And that's a wrap on that one.

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Happy Monday!


  1. remind me again why people hate luke bryan? i don't think i've ever heard his music (then again, i rarely listen to the radio) and even if i did, i'm so out of touch with today's artists (who's good, who's not etc).

  2. I'm so so jealous you were able to see luke bryan - I really do love him!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. dayum...that man sure knows how to make girls swoon....him singing a Maroon5 song? that song? ...woah (NSFW thoughts in head).

  4. You had a fantastic weekend my friend! Concerts for the win! Also that chocolate cake looks divine!

  5. Is that Amy posting on a Monday? Well hey girl...hey. LOL

    I don't know the story of Luke Bryan's siblings but it sounds like a sad one.

  6. Why do people make fun of Luke Bryan?! I love him! He's adorable AND sexy!!!!! And I also like his music. :) Lol

  7. I have never seen Luke Bryan before -- I always seem to miss him when he comes to know!

  8. SO jealous of your weekend AND your cookbook! I used to go see Luke Bryan in Athens before he was famous and love love loveddd his show. I don't know if it would be the same with the big crowds but I'd still love to see him.