Humpday Confessions and Hashtags

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hmmm... haven't been around on Wednesday in awhile so let's see what's up. What can I confess today??? Here goes nothing!

So I took on some additional work at work and I am not loving it. Accounting is not my jam, but I am still a contractor so I don't feel as though I can say NO. How do you accounting types do this shit every day? Not to mention the department is pretty much all women... not what I'm used to. #mybrainhurts #ilikemen #wellido

My eating has been woefully short of the 80/20 or 90/10 I so desperately strive for lately. And it shows. I am feeling tired, bloated and just less than amazing. I feel like I lost my inspiration and I just can't get it back here lately. Help me... how do you stay on track when you are really struggling? On a positive note I did meal prep this week. #pleasedontletmedrinkwine #alsoIstillhavebirthdaycake

The longer I am single the more I think maybe I am just meant to be single. Even when I have someone nice in my life (like I might have right now maybe possibly) I stress/obsess over every little thing that is not the way I imagined/hoped it would be. Men are weird. Why can't they just be normal like us? #themainbenefitofdatingmeisthatyouaredatingme #jussayin

I am super annoyed that people in my neighborhood are finally catching onto the fact that my favorite local neighborhood bar is in fact a really cool place to hang out. Get out. And stop sitting in my seat at the bar. #youcantsitwithus #gofindyourownbar #yesihaveaseatsowhataboutit

Boyfriend jeans look cute on everyone... except me. I tried them on this past weekend and uhhhh... No. The cuffed, rolled up look makes me look like a homeless person who should be holding a sign on the freeway exit ramp next to my tatted up, chainsmoking boyfriend. #willworkforfood #downonourluck #butimontrend

I went for a four mile walk on Monday night and it felt great! #andtheniatesomebirthdaycake

And now all the cake is gone so it can stop taunting me.

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  1. #gofindyourownbar = favorite hashtag of this post.

  2. ugh i hate it when the best kept secret has been revealed to all the losers of the community! then they start hanging out there and totally ruining the vibe for you.

  3. I work with all women. All day every day. So I feel you on that one. Plus I've also gone off the 80/20 wagon but that leftover cake from our board meeting was staring at me all day yesterday and I had to destroy it. And by destroy it I mean heat it up a few seconds in the microwave so the frosting is all gooey and amazing and then devour. Also the cold weather doesn't help on that end. It's finally fall-ish here so I just want grilled cheeses and creamy soups #allthecheeseplease

  4. I can't pull off boyfriend jeans either. How do girls do it?! Witchcraft!!!!!