Tuesday, September 29, 2015

But I think I love fall most of all.:

Checking in on Tuesday for a little weekend recap of sorts. It's officially fall and I for one am soooo happy about that! It was cool here this past weekend. Not cold... I mean like 60's and 70's which for my friends is apparently pretty much like winter. Only it's not, it's freaking awesome in the south this time of year. I had a fairly low key weekend. Bowling, football watching, eating, drinking, hanging with friends, rain, tennis, you name it... I did it. But not laundry, cleaning or anything even remotely productive! And it's all good. My kids are on Fall Break this week and they will be with Dad so the weekend was for us to just hang since they will be gone all week. Debauchery will ensue to be sure...

But for now, a few scenes from the weekend. 

One of my favorite watering holes added this to the menu awhile back... Fried Mac & Cheese. Ugh, just fucking shoot me why don't ya. I have been trying to get a blogworthy pic but they don't generally last long enough. Served with some sort of vodka type sauce and a side of ranch (cause why not) and helloooo... they are balls. Yummola. 

There was also some cosmic bowling in the mix this weekend which was super fun. Someone who shall remain nameless and faceless used to bowl on a league and actually went to tournaments in Vegas for God's sake. Needless to say, I lost. But I got a few strikes, a few spares and some gutter balls too. Sadly I was sore the next day from apparently using muscles that somehow don't get used in other sports. How is that even possible?

And there were also Bloody Mary's, cheesy eggs and toast, paleo spaghetti pie and men's tennis... cause men, duh. 

Not planning anything overly productive for this week either so don't get your hopes up. Thanks for stopping by. Stay classy.


  1. late weekend updates means a great time! we went bowling a couple of weekends ago and i'd forgotten how much fun bowling is!

  2. I freaking love fried mac & cheese even though it's the worst for you.

    Enjoy your solo week!

  3. All this food looks ahhhhmazing - especially those friend mac and cheese balls <3

    Green Fashionista

  4. I love weekends filled with fun things that aren't too overwhelming...just kind of go with the flow! I keep trying to keep up with the "summer pace" and I feel like I'm already defeated...time to slow. the f. down!

  5. AHHH mac and cheese balls?! YUM! Looks like such a fun weekend. I went bowling last week too, but it was ugly. Not my best performance at all. But I'm pretty good at drinking beer while bowling, so there's that.

  6. BOWLING! I have been aching to go bowling lately! I must go this weekend!