Fall About Me

Friday, October 23, 2015

Well hey there it is finally Friday and I thought since Miss Laura tagged me for some more fall fun I would do something a little different today instead of my usual favorites.  I have had another crazy week. Work is a bit insane right now and life just seems very busy which has caused my blogging regularly to suffer a bit. I am still lurking around and reading and thinking about all of the wonderful things I want to blog about though. Maybe one day soon I will get back on some sort of schedule, or maybe not. But how can I resist anything fall and talking about more things I love about fall? I'm a white girl who lives in the burbs so literally I can't. And we are off...

Favorite candle scent - Ususally anything fall food related... but currently Marshmallow Fireside form Bath and Bodyworks. It sort of smells like a burnt marshmallow and campfire all rolled into one. It's oddly wonderful. The concentrated room spray in this scent is actually my fave. If you have not tried these they are the best $$ you can spend to rid your rooms of stinky stuff.

Marshmallow Fireside 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate - Definitely coffee and tea. Preferably some fun flavored Dunkin Donuts coffee like Pumpkin anything. I only do hot cocoa around Christmas with a generous pour of peppermint schnapps or Bailey's.

what is the best fall memory you have - this is a tough one but I am going to have to say football in general but specifically with my Dad. He would take us to Lions games and even a few Michigan games here and there. It was always so exciting to get to go to a venue so big and see it in person. I remember him and his buddies always having their flasks handy and I also remember him making me go to the men's bathroom with him when I was really little and he wouldn't let me go in the giant women's restroom alone. good times.

Saddest thing ever... this is what the Pontiac Silverdome looked like back in the day and below is what it looks like now.

Best Fragrance For Fall- Burning leaves... I'm gonna go with scent here....where I grew up everyone burned their leaves  rather than bag them up and throw them out. This scent takes me back and I love it!

Favorite Thanksgiving Food - Omg how can anyone choose this? I love pumpkin pie more than life itself on T-Day but also green bean casserole and corn bread dressing in the south are at the top of my list

football games or jumping in leaf piles - I think I covered this already. Football... burn dem leaves up! There's bugs and dog poop in there, I am not jumping in leaf piles.

Favorite Type of Pie - Pumpkin... duh. But fresh pumpkin like my Polish Grandmother taught me to make. We used to bring her our hallowwen pumpkins and she would cut them up and bake them and use that to make her pies for thanksgiving. It is a labor of love and a tradition that I have continued in my home with my kids. There is nothing like a fresh pumpkin pie!

what is the autumn weather like where you live - Bi-Polar. Some years it is still very warm and others it is cold and by that I mean Southern cold like maybe 40's... which I know is not cold at all.

which makeup trend do you prefer? Dark lips or winged liner - Winged liner all the way. I used to do the dark lips but my lips are kinda big and I feel like people are all "who the hell does she think she is" when I wear it. I'm a nude lip girl currently. Like Angelina.

what song really gets you into the fall spirit - My college fight song!

is pumpkin spice worth the hype - Not really at this point. I can take or leave it. I have successfully tried every pumpkin spice thing known to man. Pretty sure.

favorite fall tv show - The Walking Dead ... one hundo

skinny jeans or leggings - Both, all day erry day

combat boots or uggs - Not an Ugg girl, they seem like oversized sloppy slippers. Gimme some combat boots any day.

Halloween: yay or nay - Yay...

fall mornings or evenings - Evenings, preferably with red wine around or in front of a fire with a hot sexy man.

what do you think about black Friday - I don't. I hate crowds and I am not going to fight for any material item when I could be snuggled up in my bed with that man I just mentioned. Oh yeah... where is he by the way.

one fall 2015 trend you love - All the fun cool blanket scarves out there you can make or buy and the different ways to wear them.

Thanks to Life With Lolo for tagging me for this one! Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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  1. girl, if you've got big lips, show 'em off! people get shit injected into their face just to have big lips! i would totally do a nude lippie but then i'd look like a corpse :(

  2. Where was the blanket scarf tutorial when I got my blanket in the mail last week - i returned it because it was HUGE!!! Have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I drive past the Silverdome every once in a while and it's such a freakin' DUMP now. Blech.

  4. So fun!! I love this post! And I will choose winged liner over red lips any day....even though the hubs keeps asking for more red am I supposed to apply chapstick 50x an hour with lipstick on?

  5. Oooooh FRESH pumpkin pie?! Like not with can filling? I think you need to post the recipe (or send me the link if you already have). And I love BBW rooms sprays too, they are very cost friendly compared to some of their stuff and work so well. I got an email that their 3 wick candles will be buy one get one free this weekend though, so that might mean budget freeze lift for stocking up on all the fall smells! Happy Friday Amy!