Friday Faves - Fall So Hard...

Friday, October 16, 2015

This week has pretty much flown by for me and here we are once again on Friday. Love. It.

So let's get to some favorite things of the week or the past two because I missed one,  with Amanda. My list today is a little weird but just go with me on this.  First Up...


American Horror Story - Ok so this is one of my favorite shows in recent history. I started watching Freak Show last year and got hooked. The season premier of Hotel was on last week starring none other than Gaga herself and I am feeling very mixed and somewhat disturbed by it. Which is odd because Freakshow was disturbing too but this was tough to take. I don't want to spoil it but if you watched tell me what you thought. I left feeling unsettled.


Cause I have a thing about the word crazy, crazy chicks, acting crazy, songs about crazy and I love Bebe Rexha...


This is also a weird thing for a faves post but I have to bring it up. Last week the world of social media lost one of my favorite people Trevor Schlingheyde the hysterically funny human behind @trevso_electric & @dance-blessed on IG & Twitter who made me and hundreds of thousands laugh every day. I don't know what happened but apparently he passed away suddenly. If you have a few moments and need to laugh incredibly hard please go scroll through his feed. I will be drinking a #PSL this weekend in his honor doing some yoga and feeling #blessed. In true white girl fashion. RIP Trev.


I make this every year and seriously it is amazing and so easy. 3 Ingredients. Get the recipe here!

Homemade Butterfinger Bark  Homemade Butterfinger Bark


So minimalist and so easy. I love it. 

Boost your arm party game with this tattoo.:

Speaking of tattoos, of you are local in Atlanta go check out my amazing friends at Terminus City Tattoo and get you some cool Halloween ink next Saturday the 24th at their annual shin dig. $50 tattoos... can't beat that!

It's almost time for @terminuscitytattoo 2nd annual Halloween party! As usual we will be doing $50 Halloween themed tattoos all day until 7 then the party starts at 8. We will have a costume contest and free refreshments then around 9 we will be having live music next door from @drinkanddestroycrew and The Breaks. It is sure to be a good time! October 24th


Since it was National Pug Day or week or something... how cute is this?

The .GIFYS animated GIF

To all my friends who spend ridic amounts of money on tumbling classes for their daughters, not only is it going to be really useful later in life, turns out its deadly.

The .GIFYS animated GIF

Can someone teach my son how to do this?

The .GIFYS animated GIF

The dude just keeps on dancing... somehow this is a metaphor for life...

The .GIFYS animated GIF

So if I start online dating again during football season and meet a cute guy that's not into football...

This is so wrong. I love it.

disney animated GIF

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Gus used to climb the stairs like that when he was younger.

    Happy weekend!

  2. I recorded all of AHS last year and then didn't watch any of it. I was also very intregued by this season. But since I hate horror type stuff I'm a little scared. Is it like scary, scary, or like wtf, have to think about it scary? I like the kind where I have to think a little. Also I want to learn that hanger trick for myself. haning up clothes it he worst.

  3. I totally agree with you about AHS! I was totally creeped out. It seems like they always try to take it way too far. I'm going to continue watching but I probably won't enjoy it.

  4. omg I so wish I good make butterfinger anything!! Im going to try (and possibly fail) haha

  5. EXCUSE ME BUTTERFINGER BARK?!??!?!??! On it. Right now